We may experience TEMPORARY Technical Difficulties!

To our readers, as you well know, the SCEI-1BLOOD goon Iyel Bey is playing lawyer and running around trying to claim false copyrights against our materials. While this ultimately works towards our benefit in the end, as it could subject them to serious legal consequences, and has already amounted to a confession by the cult of several deceptions in a public light,  it could also cause some of our content to come offline as domain providers comply with a short period of removal pending a legal action.

This period is usually 10 -14 business days, after which our content will once again be online. Make no mistake, this site is a not-for-profit activism and journalistic endeavor and has never resulted in any financial gain on my behalf. Moreso, I own intellectual property rights over all materials produced by me during my time in the cult, including the materials in question. The "SCEI-1BLOOD Multimedia Archives" are essentially copies of my own original databases and media, for which I own originals.

Again, don't be alarmed if this, or other materials are brought offline. We are also working to replicate the site with three new domains hosted on our own servers bringing the site total to five and severly limiting the amount of material they can abuse DMCA laws to usurp.

To date, our efforts have resulted in three more families leaving the cult, amounting to almost a full fourth of the entire U.S. Headquarters Congregation. They are starting to feel the burn, and its starting to hurt their pocketbooks. They are becoming weak and angry and dangerous. Fortunately for all of you, I have no fear whatsoever of them, as I have repeatedly dealt them crippling blows that have left them with nothing but censorship or assassination as options to end this campaign.

I will not stop until every man, woman and child knows the truth, and until the compound at 5 Joyce Drive stands empty and barren.