December 15, 2012 -
-Sabbath services were cancelled today. The reason given was because too many of the members were all sick at the same time! Imagine that in the Church that claims to have all the answers to health and healing. However, we feel that the reason might be their discovery of this website.
-An announcement was also given to a select few that 2 of the previous members have AIDS due to sexual indiscretions. These members are among the Cult-watch witness pool, and have had up-to-date blood tests that confirm no presence of HIV or AIDS. This announcement was made by Smoke Jackson, Bishop of SCEI-1BLOOD, and is a common fear tactic used by this wicked man. He also accuses one member of poisoning the congregation, even though he himself assigned this member to food service duties. If he was in direct communications with GOD, couldn't got have had the knowledge and foresight to have warn him in advance, and wouldn't an announcement have been made during the time when this member was responsible for food service? More lies.