SCEI-1BLOOD cult linked to child molestation

Andres Rivera-Fuentes, 31, of Macon, Georgia has been named in a case of aggravated child molestation, during which Mr. Fuentes allegedly committed oral sex on a 15 year old girl and member of his church.
Additional contact with the minor was made when Mr. Fuentes allegedly text messaged the minor after the incident and asked her to rate his performance on a scale of one to ten.The incident allegedly happened in the home of the minor while her mother was present in another room.

The minor, who's family is one of several to have fled the church, claiming it to be a cult, has asked that the child's name remain anonymous. The mother of the child has also been aware of other sexual acts occurring within the church Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM International, and others have since come forward recounting sexual misbehavior within the group.
According to one witness, the minor came to her after the molestation, providing details, however, as the matter was brought to her in confidence, she did not inform authorities until she became aware of the case.
Mr. Fuentes was also caught apparently following the minor to a homosexual rally in Atlanta, where the girl was meeting with her father. When approached, Mr. Fuentes claimed to be 19 years old.
Mr. Fuentes is now under investigation by the Twiggs County Sheriff's Department, aided by federal investigators.
Mr. Andres Fuentes is himself the father of two children, and is currently involved in a custody battle with the mother who has since left the cult.
Mr. Fuentes has also been under numerous investigations of child abuse, apparently related back to the strict teachings of the Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM.
Recently, a source reported that she had witnessed Mr. Fuentes savagely beating his young daughter in a car and screaming "You will not disrespect my GOD!"
The case has also brought into question the involvement and perhaps even the endorsement of Sovereign Church of ELOHIYM ( SCEI-1BLOOD ) pastor and bishop, Mr. Smoke Jackson, whom the victim allegedly reported the molestation to shortly after, and who failed to report the incident and withheld information from law enforcement.