TESTIMONY: Former SCEI-1BLOOD member Jaslyn Verdejo shares details of her separation from the cult

Jaslyn Verdejo in the cult with her former husband and children.

In response to a smear campaign by Iyel Bey-which makes numerous false allegations and perpetrates outright defamation- former cult-member Jaslyn Verdejo has published her rebuttal to lies against her and her family by providing a full disclosure of her experiences leading up to her separation from the cult.

Mrs. Verdejo is also engaged to NoMore1BLOOD CultWatch founder and fellow survivor / whistle-blower Clayton L. Luce and has been an active part of the Exit Support Network for survivors.

Her testimony- in the form of an informal response on a YouTube comment board, is as follows:

Smoke Jackson of SCEI-1BLOOD
"Well, I'm not a fictitious person and this is Jaslyn. Let's set the record straight, since you want to make claims, not based on first-hand accounts. Claims based on regurgitated information, I presume were given to you by Smoke Jackson a pathological liar, con-artist, and most excellent actor. I do understand that all your understanding to date, Iyel, has and continually comes from SCEI-1BLOOD Leaders. So, in the words of Smoke....I say this..."Test the system"....Question your leaders, even they are corruptible, and please at least be open enough to read the truth. You don't have to like it, or accept it. But, Iyel, you once knew me, you played with my children, and we jammed out together in praise sessions. You once loved me, so read and then THINK for yourself...and see what makes sense. 

Andres had told me in FOT 2009, he didn't love me or want me. Andres took my wedding ring, took his ring off, locked it in a safe and proceeded to ignore me continually for years. He was always on the property, rarely at home, rarely with his children. At the time Andres was hardly ever at home, though hurtful...I felt like...My husband is doing the work of the church. So what he is never home, I get blessings for his efforts...But that wasn't the reality.

Jaslyn working on the SCEI-1BLOOD compound
If you recall Iyel, my parents were kicked out of the church. Do you know why??? They were kicked out for approaching Andres about bruises on his children. For asking a question....I was told not to have any communication with them, and was completely isolated from all family and friends, only allowed to visit and communicate with church members...and even that was far and few between. Even that was restricted because some members have "demons".....So after years of living with Andres, who clearly didn't want me, but wouldn't divorce me, after so many counsel sessions with Smoke, AP and Joanne....all of them telling me I just had to be a living sacrifice and basically deal and focus on ELOHIYM....I was plain weary. 

I was told I couldn't enroll my kids in school; they would snatched by the gov't and thrown in concentration camps. I was told ELOHIYM heals, but every time my kids got sick I was sent to the hospital. While at the same time being told the hospital was Satan’s' system. 
Jaslyn seen in the kitchen serving the Jackson family.

Talk about confusion. I was repeatedly told that if I didn’t follow instructions perfectly that's why consequences were befalling me. I tried harder, but no amount of effort was enough. I fasted weekly, studied and prayed daily, counseled regularly and implemented all "instruction given. I was cooking for them, cleaning for them. Every Sabbath I was charged with manicures, pedicures, massages, making drinks, doing hair, prepping the garden, and fetching alcohol for the Leaders....Sounds likes servitude and slavery to me. Though I did it willingly, out of the pureness of my heart with love, I realize they manipulated me to do all their bidding in those areas. 

Now, Iyel you are well aware, of all the "instructions"/suggestions we were given....A list of tasks to accomplish for the salvation of our physical bodies and souls. Andres was never home, so he was rarely there to so anything....So I went to my brothers in the group to seek help...Clayton responded and helped. He helped us with the mold issue which made Andres very sick. He laid all the new flooring, he built a massive chicken coup, gave us another, tried to fix my gate, helped with the flooding down my drive way....he was a huge blessing....and you know Iyel....No one can function without "asking permission, from SMOKE" SO he, as was Mrs. Joanne Jackson, and was Andres...All aware of Clay's help and involvement. 

So, let’s get to the nitty-gritty, the part everyone wants to know. How Clay and I hooked up and I am happy to tell you. Lauren, Clay and I, would all hang out at their house. Party, dance, just have a good time....It was a brief moment when we could relax and just have fun. We all started to grow closer and closer. After a strange comment, I went to Mrs. J for clarity on the situation. We can't talk about our issues with anyone *except church administration and I was all about following instructions as perfect as possible. She suggested I go to Clay and talk about it and this is how it all began. 

Per instruction from Mrs. J, I went to Clay to talk. It was like having this eye opening, life changing experience. We started off in prayer, I wanted GOD to govern the entire conversation and he did. We talked for hours, in fact Liz Gibbs was there cleaning his house. Nothing inappropriate happened, we just talked, but our emotions and feelings for each other were now exposed. 

I went back to Joanne and told her everything...then I told I Smoke everything....and we arranged a 3-way counsel session with Smoke, Clayton, and I-(Jaslyn). During the council session, Smoke told us we could be together with blessings, but there was a "correct way" to handle the situation, which included our time away from the church so the group could prepare. In the words Smoke "The group isn't ready." After we left, Clay was still actively involved with AP who invited him on the Canada trip as a representative of the Church. A very high honor as you well know, and yes we were together and he was there for 4 weeks. After that AP asked Clay to come with him that same week to Africa permanently to establish his 1BLOOD Broadcasting Station and LUCID Technologies.

JoAnne Jackson, wife of Kenneth D. Jackson, Sr., regularly
reminded Jaslyn to be a "living sacrifice"
While the group was judging us falsely, and you claim he had “run off with me,” Clayton was operating with Administration in what was about to be one of the highest capacities in his international operations, and was in a church endorsed relationship with me. AP didn't want Clay to leave. AP needed him to control the people in West Africa and Clayton turned him down because he refused to leave me behind with no support and two children. He threw away what he thought was the opportunity of a lifetime because it didn't seem honorable. AP was paying for his plane tickets and everything and Clayton and Robert had the capital, brains and connections to launch the industry that could make the Gambia a power in the region. He couldn't come to terms with the murder thing as being appropriate behavior for an Apostle of God under any circumstances. Especially beating him up.

 I was still dropping off items to the property, still talking to Smoke; our status had not changed within the group, just our ability to be present on the Sabbath. We still tithed, stayed in constant communication with Smoke and AP. Everything seemed fine up until we started asking questions...With our questions came their inability to answer honestly. 

I was manipulated in signing divorce documents that permanently signed away my parental rights to my children, under the pretense that I would get them back once the Group (including yourself) matured enough to understand that members were actually permitted to have multiple spiritual (not legal) wives which was the ultimate solution dictated by Smoke during our final counseling session. If I chose not to sign the documents, the covering would be lifted and my children would be at risk for death at the hand of Satan and his demons-per Smoke Jackson. 

So I did, what at the time, I believed to be the right thing. I signed the paper work; I picked up my kids weekly for almost 3 years. I was never allowed to spend more time with them, though I bought a house literally behind Andres, so I could be near them and SCEI-1Blood. My kids’ minds were poisoned against me; so much so, they believed my food was poison. They thought I was burning in lake of fire, they thought I was evil. WHAT? How outrageously disgusting, for my children to be taught such lies about me. 

When SCEI-1BLOOD administration decided that they were going to coach Andres, so I would never have my kids again....HA- the war began! I went to Smoke, Joanne, and AP, I have the email and Skypes to prove it....they all turned me away and considered it foolishness. Now their foolishness, lies and deceptions have been exposed. 

I had to know before I went head to head with GOD.....I had to make sure I wasn't fighting GOD....that I was simply fighting corrupted humans, tricked into believing their own foolish fantasies. I could never go against GOD and win, I knew that....SO we started investigating all the titles AP has, all the stories, all the affiliations....and the truth became more and more apparent. 

Jaslyn today has custody of both her children who are in
school and she lives with her fiance and baby free of the cult.
It was the most humiliating and humbling moment of my life to find out that these people I loved, I would have died for had created this beautiful, ornate lie, that I for a time had believed. And that because of that, I now had to fork up thousands in lawyer fees because of it. Talk about pain! BUT, in case you didn't know...I WON! I got my kids back, Andres is jail for the crime he admitted committing to the cops both verbally and in written form. I repeat! Andres provided written and verbal statements fully admitting that he molested that child which is why he keeps getting denied bond. Don’t forget he also went AWOL from the military. You really think Clay has the money or the criminal intent to pay off multiple superior court judges and law enforcement? And why would Dre admit it? Do you think Clay paid Dre off? Where does it end?

We have laid our lives wide open to the world. Our marriage is a matter of pride not shame, and if you had any clue what you were actually talking about you would realize that Dre put me away like a dog in 2009 and Clayton and Lauren were never legally married at all, and the courts will prove it to anyone who bothers to look, and his “son” was actually the son of another man because his “wife” was not monogamous. The DNA tests have proven that. Ask K.D. Jackson - he paid for them. 

-The more you try to put yourself in the line of fire with Clay you are making a record that will ultimately show you to be wrong, because Clay and Kenneth Jackson know so much more about what is really going on than you do. He saw so much more than you will ever get to see and he risked his life disclosing this information to save your life Iyel. You and everyone else in the church. And how do you repay him? You spit in his face. You have no idea the effect that Roberts torture had on Clayton and how much Clayton grieved when he found out. He literally wanted to kill the Dennis. 

So, I suggest Iyel, before you start defending a group like the Jackson's and putting your personal reputation on the line, that you do your research and find out just who you are defending. The truth hurts immensely, but it's so freeing. And since you clearly know how to find Clay, should you ever decide to leave and need help, we will help all we can. I still love you and pray that you have the courage to test the system and see the truth for yourself." 

The original defamation video as well as this comment in its context can be found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iRNZcnc3m2U