Phony Journalist Iyel Bey disgraces self - creates anti-1BLOOD backlash in defense of Clayton L. Luce

Fraudulent independent journalist and SCEI-1BLOOD propaganda slave has once again made a fool of himself in public after an attempted smear campaign backfired on him. 

While attempting to discredit SCEI-1BLOOD whistleblower and cult survivor activist Clayton L. Luce with a vulgar and juvenile defamation video, Iyel Bey accidentally triggered a public backlash and massive new support for Mr. Luce's NoMore1BLOOD campaign as negative reactions created by Iyel's video brought record numbers of new viewers to the NoMore1BLOOD website, YouTube Videos and through email support networks. 

Over 300 new views occurred within several hours (a large number for a cult with so little influence or public legitimacy), as well as a whopping 75 new likes, email responses, back-linking and most importantly upping the investigations against SCEI-1BLOOD by attracting the attention of larger national rights groups as well as additional requests for recently leaked internal SCEI-1BLOOD documents and videos to law enforcement. The public attention has also brought a new opportunity for NoMore1BLOOD to partner with a larger national anti-cult and child rights organization.

SCEI-1BLOOD Cult Leaks: WDES about Fasting and Prayer PDF

Just for giggles Iyel Bey

Since Iyel Bey has decided to launch a media campaign against NoMore1BLOOD whistle-blower Clayton L. Luce with a number of distasteful and vulgar smear ads and fake news stories we thought we would get a few laughs from some creative constructions of our own. These are just for fun, and no, we wont cross the lines of vulgarity or dishonesty that Iyel bey crossed. It will remain family friendly.

Iyel Bey - Beywatch - Listen, Serve, Obey
Iyel Bey - Beywatch -  Keeping the Slaves in Line

Iyel Bey - Beywatch - Listen, Serve, Obey
Iyel Bey - Beywatch - Where Evil Has a Voice

Iyel Bey - Liar
Iyel Bey - Fraudulent Journalist, con-artist and general liar.

THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK!!! Iyel Bey Launches a vulgar smear campaign against cult enemies

Iyel Bey of SCEI-1BLOOD International has produced a slander video against SCEI-1BLOOD cult watch founder Clayton L. Luce (me) which includes accusations of theft, betrayal and spiritual wickedness.

Additionally, and perhaps more importantly, it contained no response to the many serious criminal allegations against Kenneth D. Jackson or his cult-like church group Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM International.

The first is an excerpt from a video by Clayton Luce in which he described a graphic story SCEI-1BLOOD cult leader Smoke Jackson told to his lieutenants (of which Mr. Bey was not.) which is taken out of context by by editing out audio/video and then claiming that it was part of a sermon given by Mr. Luce.