Dr. Kenneth D. Jackson Sr. - Debunked!

 Kenneth D. Jackson, Sr. - DEBUNKED!!!

Here we will examine Kenneth D. Jackson, Sr.'s officially endorsed CV as found on his website and in the propaganda film "A Closer Look: 1BLOOD" and separate the FACTS from his FICTIONS!

To be honest we were somewhat intimidated by the sheer impressiveness of the titles and affiliations listed and expected to find some degree of legitimacy, however WE WERE ABSOLUTELY AMAZED TO FIND THAT VIRTUALLY ALL OF HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS, ASSOCIATIONS AND EDUCATIONAL CREDENTIALS WERE ENTIRELY FICTITIOUS, FRAUDULENT AND DOWNRIGHT MADE UP!!! We have listed our findings step by shameful step. If you wonder how this man managed to hoist such a magnanimous farce on his victims with such public transparency YOU ARE NOT ALONE! The following debunking of Kenneth D. Jackson is absolutely amazing. So enjoy...

Our comments and inserts will appear in RED font

Apostle Dr. Kenneth D. Jackson Sr., SSD, PhD, TMD, DED, ND,

Int’l Ambassador, Grand Chief-of-State, King, Diplomat, Chief Overseer, Exclusive Special Attorney, Int’l Non-Government Organization CEO, Traditional Medicine Physician, Inventor, National Development Specialist

We have searched the Official Who's Who Directory and have not yet found any official CV of Kenneth D. Jackson. Currently we believe he is unlisted and probably only exists in an unofficial user submitted database somewhere.
Name: Dr. Kenneth Dewayne Jackson, Sr.
Height: 6’-03”
Weight: 300 LBS.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black w/Grey Now its just Grey
Citizenship: Multiple Our research so far shows him as a US Citizen and perhaps as a Liberian honorary citizen. He possesses a Gambian diplomatic passport and is an honorary chieftan in Sierra Leone. These facts are still questionable. Although Kenneth has claimed to be depatriated, the US government still considers him a citizen according to our current knowledge.
Status: Ambassador of ‘ELOHIYM/Diplomat Self Appointed
Ambassador of 'ELOHIYM is a self appointed title and holds no professional, national or international recognition. He appears to currently be some sort of Ambassador at Large for the Gambia, although the Gambian government does not currently have him listed in their public records.


Apostle & Chief Overseer – Sovereign Church of ‘ELOHIYM, Int’l Self Appointed
Grand Chief of State / Permanent Minister of Ecclesiastical, Indigenous & International Law & Justice – Washitaw Indigenous & Immigrant Nation (WIN) Unverified. No records have yet been found by our researchers within the public database in reference to the Washitaw Indigenous & Immigrant Nation, or to any such title or appointment. Currently we believe this to be another fictitious self appointed title. Although the Wahitaw are a real historical people, they have yet to have received an official recognition, nor have they referred to themselves as the WIIN. The current peoples claiming to be Washitaws appear to be little more than another cult like group based in black power type groups claiming to be decended of the ancient Moors. A cursory Google search of the title brings up only Kenneths CV which appears to be the only instance of it. Although we do not dispute the possibility of Washitaw historical facts, we certainly dispute Kenneth Jacksons affiliation to it. Anyone with more information should contact us at nomore1blood@gmail.com. A link with more info on the little information available on the Washitaw nation from a legal perspective can be found here.
Special Attorney - S. G. Sta. Romana Estate Unverified. The S.G. Santa Romana Estate is a historically disputed (albiet compelling) trust worth trillions of dollars and created as part of a CIA operation to redistribute Nazi and Japanese gold into black operations for the US government and Israel. We have acquired scanned copies of Kenneths documentation which appear to be valid, including thumbprints and signatures of estate trustees, although we are still investigating the claims and are awaiting confirmation from some of the named government officials within the documents. At this time we consider this claim to be plausible at best, pending further evidence. Either way, it is neither an honorable endeavor to be affiliated with, nor is it the type of program that an "ambassador of GOD" would likely be concerned with. It is allegedly responsible for many of the organizational evils in the world today.
International CEO – 1BLOOD, International (An Int’l, National Development NGO) Self Appointed, Its NGO status has apparently expired, although it does exist in earlier registries.
Traditional Medicine physician / Inventor – Disease Elimination Specialist Self appointed, Fraudulent. Disease Elimination Specialist was a philosophical scholarship title created by the late Kurt Donsbach, who was plagued throughout his life with legal scandals and criminal prosecutions and whose schools were considered fraudulent and outlawed in both the US and Mexico. Disease Elimination Specialist is an unrecognized title. Although Dr. Donsbach's research on oxygen deficiency and treatment methods are compelling and merit more research, this does not negate his criminal and fraudulent activities, and merely grant Kenneth jackson with another meaningless professional credit.
Founder / CEO – Word of ‘ELOHIYM Int’l University - Self appointed. No records of Word of 'ELOHIYM Int'l University exist, nor is it recognized or accredited by any known accreditation group. This is apparently an institutional fiction at best and grants Kenneth Jackson no professional credit or recognition. If it does operate as a university, any diplomas or titles granted by it are fraudulent.
Founder / CEO – SCEI-1BLOOD Skills Development Centers & IFSEC – GLOBAL (Independent Food Security Project) Self Appointed. Our research has not produced any official references to these programs, or any reference at all besides for kenneths on website. Although we have pictures of signs allegedly taken in Liberia of IFSEC centers, the government or press have never referenced any such programs.

Partial Education List

1976-78 University of Maryland, College Park – Mechanical Engineering Fraudulent. Inquiries have been made with the University of Maryland College Park to confirm or deny his attendance and to obtain any degrees he may have accomplished while in attendance. We expect a response within the week and will post our results. UPDATE 12/13/12 - We have received a response from the University of Maryland College Park Alumni Department regarding our inquiry regarding Kenneth Jackson's attendance of UM-College Park. It reads as follows: 

Dear Mr. *******,

Unfortunately, we do not have anyone in our records that meet those credentials.

Maggie Kinser
Front Reception Intern
University of Maryland
Alumni Association
Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center
College Park, Maryland 20742-1521

1979-1981 Donsbach university – bs, ms & phD, Nutrition: Dr. Kurt Donsbach, President, 7422 Mountjoy Huntington Beach, CA 92646 (Dr. Donsbach was also the head of a similar program at NORTHROP UNIVERSITY) Fraudulent. Donsbach University was never a university at all, although it deceptively operated through an affiliation with Northrop University that was later terminated due to scandal. It was an unaccredited school and a scam operated by the late "Dr." Kurt Donsbach who was involved in legal scandals and criminal prosecutions continually throughout the remainder of his lifetime regarding both scams and scandals in his schools and medicinal fraud that landed him in prison. To have studied under Dr. Donsbach is hardly noble or anything to be proud of. Most of his "students" are ashamed of the distinction, and many have faced criminal indictment for using their PhD titles, since they are illegally obtained. In the majority of the U.S., calling yourself "Dr." in a professional capacity based on a diploma from this institution is a criminal offense.Wikipedia says this about Kurt Donsbach: Kurt Walter Donsbach is an unlicensed chiropractor and a controversial alternative medicine figure who has twice been convicted of practicing medicine without a license.
1981-1982 CENTURY UNIVERSITY – Masters / Doctorate, Business Marketing:  Dr. Donald Breslow, President; 9100 Wilshire BLVD. Beverly Hills, CA 90212 Fraudulent outside of CA American Century University is another unaccredited school and alleged diploma mill which changed its name to avoid scandal regarding its unaccredited programs and the ease in which "students" can receive "diplomas" by simply paying a mail in fee and undergoing short mail order course studies, although it does maintain a physical address. Although still in operation it is listed in Wikipedia on the list of unaccredited schools stating the following: Degrees or other qualifications from unaccredited
institutions may not be accepted by civil service or other employers. Some unaccredited institutions have formal legal authorization to enroll students or issue degrees, but in some jurisdictions (notably including the United States) legal authorization to operate is not the same as educational accreditation.[1][2]Currently degrees from this institution are only recognized in California due to inconsistencies in its accreditation protocols, although the school is still not considered accredited.
Partial Accomplishment & Associations List

As ‘ELOHIYM’s Apostle and International Ambassador for World Peace, Dr. Jackson (Dr. J) has met with a growing number of International Heads of State.  His past and present accomplishments and affiliations include:  International Lymphology Association Self Appointed, Fraudulent. our research indicates no records of any organization operating under the title International Lymphology Association either past or present; American Preventive Medical Association Self Appointed, Fraudulent. Our research has failed to confirm the existence of any recognized association by this name. Although a tentative search revealed a single reference to a marijuana legalization endorsement by the American Preventive Medical Association, its website link leads to a blank page and no other credible references have been found. We are continuing to investigate this lead in hopes of finding something credible, International Ambassadors and Diplomats Coalition Self Appointed, Fraudulent. Our research has proven that no such coalition exists according to any official or unofficial recognitions or references. Not a single reference was found; International Chamber of Commerce Unverified. The International Chamber of Commerce is a real institution headquartered in Paris, France and is an established and internationally recognized organization, however its website is mysteriously down and no contact information is readily available. We have made inquiry with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to obtain the ICC phone number in order to investigate Kenneth Jackson's affiliation. However, based on all of his other claims, we do not hold out much hope of finding that they have any record of him; International Society of Notaries Self Appointed, Fraudulent. No records exist of any such society operating by this name; World Traders Association Unverified, Fraudulent. The World Traders Association was a multi-million dollar scam that was served with its final permanent injunctions in 2009. It was considered one of the largest crackdowns on illegal scammers brought by the FTC in history. The following text is lifted directly from the Federal Trade Commision Website: Scammers who duped consumers into paying a total of more than $30 million for bogus business opportunities have settled Federal Trade Commission charges that their deceptive claims violated federal law. The settlements prohibit future violations by the defendants, who promised consumers that they would receive access to overstocked merchandise, expert training in the surplus goods industry, and substantial income...The defendants are Sheldon and Judith Takala Fidler and nine companies they controlled: World Traders Association, Inc., United Traders Association, Inc., International Merchandise Group, Inc., Trans-Global Connections, Inc., Musketeer Partners, Inc., Fulfillment Options, Inc., International Associates Worldwide, Inc., Magna Delta, LLC, and Office Options, LLC. The Commission vote authorizing the filing of the stipulated judgments and orders for permanent injunction was 4-0. The orders were entered by the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, Western Division. Four other defendants previously settled FTC charges related to this scheme.; Humanitarians for World Peace Self Appointed, Fraudulent. Our research has uncovered no references to any such organization official or otherwise; Int’l Traditional Medicine Assn. Self Appointed, Fraudulent. Our research indicated no reference to the existence of any such organization; Global Traditional Rulers Council Self Appointed, Fraudulent. Our research has uncovered no reference of any such council official or otherwise; Int’l Conflict Elimination Council Self Appointed, Fraudulent. Again, we have been unable to find even a single reference to any such group; Int’l Interrogation Training Spec. Unverified. It is unclear whether he is trying to say he was a part of a group called International Interrogation Training Specialists or that is is an IIT Specialist, but no reference to either the group or title can be verified. Based on this growing list of lies upon lies it is almost certain this is just another figment of his overactive imagination.  He has been named in the Who’s Who Registry of Global Business Leaders (1993 – 94); Who’s Who Registry of National Business Leaders (1994 – 95); International Who’s Who of Professionals (2001 – 2002). Although Who's Who started out as a noble and legitimate business directory of accomplished professionals and leaders, it has since devolved into little more than a pay-for-entry registry with little to no professional oversight or background checks. That being said, we find no record of Kenneth Jackson in the existing Who's Who.

Partial Current Projects List

Due to the overwhelming body of fraudulent titles, professional affiliations and claims and downright lies we have already uncovered in the above sections we have not even bothered to continue our investigation into the following list. It is abundantly clear that they will be more of the same. From a cursory glance at the list we can see immediately that the majority of them relate to his own self appointed organizations and affiliations already addressed above and so we can already see that it is full of garbage. We will however do our due diligence on this section in the near future for the purpose of making this CV a complete debunk of Kenneth D. Jackson Sr., and clearly affiliating his organizations with criminal fraud, shady groups and pyramid type scams. 

Dr. J currently serves as Consultant, Facilitator and/or Director to several Development-Oriented and/or Humanitarian Projects including: SCEI-1BLOOD National Development & Independent Food Security Projects (West Africa); S.G. Sta. Romana Estate Research, Asset Verification, Assignment & Settlement Agent; International PAC Treaty Negotiator; International Collateral Funding-for-Development Coordinator; Native & indigenous Nation Development Project; International Education & Conflict Resolution Project; Private Resources for Development Coordinator; National & Int’l Business Development Project Designer; Inter-gender Development Program; 1BLOOD Multi-Disciplinary Health & Research Hospital; Jackson-Pratt Diagnostic Centers