Who is "Bishop" Smoke Jackson, Jr.?

Who is "Bishop" Smoke Jackson, Jr.?

In regards to Kenneth "Smoke" Jackson, Jr., little is veritably known about this enigmatic leader of the headquarters congregation and Pastor of that assembly in Macon, Georgia. The information we publish here is primarily based upon first hand testimony of witnesses from both past and current cult members, church video and audio files and those who have had contact with him and volunteered information to this cult watch. We provide this disclaimer to grant more journalistic integrity to this site and its contents. However, our body of videotaped sermons is quite extensive giving us great insight into his teachings and his methods.

He lives on the headquarters compound in Macon, in a burgundy house at the top of the hill, behind a wooden gate.

It is the general verdict of this group that although Kenneth Sr. is the undisputed head of the organization and its various frauds, Smoke Jackson is the real force behind the primary group and in the handling of his father, who with age is apparently losing his grip on power. Smoke appears to be a cunning and ruthless leader, a master manipulator, a ferocious alcoholic with a credibly alleged recent history of crack cocaine abuse, a womanizer and an active element in local organized crime, particularly in motorcycle gangs and rogue private military contractors. Although his use of crack cocaine has been refuted and is still considered speculative by this group, the accusation does come from a previous member of his personal guard.

Previous members have stated witnessing sexual in-discrepancies between Smoke and female members, and additionally a female member has testified to having been in uncomfortable situations with him, although the sexual suggestion was not entertained by the member and developed no further.

He personally bragged about "punching" the infant child of one of the members in the face when the infant hit him in the face, an act which occured in the presence of other members as well as the mother of the child who reacted with much screaming and protest. He defended himself by claiming that the act was justified because the child had struck him first. This cult-watch is curious as to why a 6'3" tall 275 pound man felt threatened by an infant to the extent that he figured such a violent reaction could possibly be justified, but the facts remain.

Smoke Jackson claims to have been an elite private military contractor and professional mixed martial artists, although neither of these claims can be verified. There is virtually no official records of Smoke Jackson in the public domain, making verification of his background virtually impossible with the limited resources at this groups disposal. 

Smoke has followed in the footsteps of his father, having adopted the royal african garments worn by his father, gold signet rings and an identical crown with the only difference being that his is embroidered with "P" for prince while Henneth Sr. wears a "K" for king. He struggles with reading and writing and consistently rambles incoherently during sermons and private teaching sessions such and counselling and likely suffers from some form of dislexia. However his shortcomings in the areas of literacy and speech are more than compensated for in his sheer charisma and physical intimidation. He constantly brags about his elite training, fighting skills, secret security and military teams and his ability to see and hear all through use of telekenesis, wiretapping and eavsdropping and with the help of his hidden assets. It is this groups opinion that while some paramilitary background is plausible, the extent and influence of his outside forces are greatly exaggerated.

Like his father he appears to be a shadow caster and master of illusion. He regularly points out random vehicles or utility contractors working near or around the vicinity of the compound stating that they are either secret agents sent to spy on the group, or his own covert assets. Some members of his security teams in the past have investigated some of these allegations and believed they were made up, and that they were in reality just random people. Another example was the alledged existence of a large number of small spy cameras that Smoke claimed to have installed around a "Feast" site during one of the groups annual holy day excursions. A subsequent sweep of the premises by a curious security member found that none of the cameras existed either where he pointed them out or anywhere else on the premises. We believe that this sort of deception is a deliberate method of instilling fear and paranoia within the group, to instill in them the knowledge that they are always being watched and thus any dissent or rebellion against administration could not go unnoticed. This is a common tactic and an effective one at that.

The single largest and most common allegation against him among all our witnesses have been his constant abuse of alcohol. Virtually every member, past or present, that we have interviewed have stated that he was regularly under the influence of wine and hard liquor, even when giving sermons. A former kitchen aid claims that they were required to smuggle beer into his office located at the rear of the sanctuary on Sabbaths, another member claims that he regularly bragged about being able to drink entire bottles of hard liquor without experiencing a buzz, and yet another claimed that he tended to rant most about "false accusations" by members of his alcohol abuse WHILE under the influence of alcohol.

One member recalls a time when Smoke was clearly drunk and incoherent to the point of exaggerated slurred speech and heavy swaying back and forth during which time he claimed that he NEVER gets drunk and proceeded to rant against the character of such false accusers among the brethren who would dare claim that he had a drinking problem, stating that his position of great responsibility and his divine appointment would never allow such behavior. Members consistently testify that his eyes were almost always yellow and bloodshot and that he usually reeked of alcohol although he usually attempted to mask it with heavy Mambo cologne. A recent insider report received within the past week states that he is currently beseeching the congregation for prayer and fasting due to bleeding in his liver, a telltale sign of severe alcohol abuse. This report was verified by a second inside source. If this is the case, it is unlikely that he will be around much longer to hurt more victims.

To bring attention to his health, it would seem that Smoke has an alarming history of freakish medical emergencies, the survival of which he uses to solidify the belief that he has been somehow divinely protected, although in each case he sought out medical attention against the doctrines of his own administrative mandates. Such cases include a hand which was smashed and mangled in a door, which upon arrival at the hospital was "miraculously healed." It is therefore unlikely that it was ever broken. Another case occured when he was allegedly attacked in his sleep by brown recluses which bit his arms in over 13 places, causing him to seek medical attention. In two other cases he was viciously attacked by swarms of ground hornets that covered his body with painful boils, although he maintained that these were just attacks of the enemy "Satan" and that they only went to prove his validity as GODs voice and a primary target of the Satanic kingdom ( a claim which he made about all of his emergencies.) In yet another case he was struck by a bolt of lightening while lying in his bed, which caused him to be severely electrocuted. It was even claimed that he had died and come back to life. He was incapacitated for some weeks afterwards. These and other bizarre cases of life threatening attacks only solidify our personal convictions that these were the consequences of his opposition to GOD and his blasphemy and misuse of GODs name and Word. However, such is speculation at best and merely our own viewpoint. It must be asked though, why in a "church" which built its foundations on "Principles" of health and healing and GOD's divine healing and protection of HIS Elect, that his secondary voice would be so plagued by sorrows. His experiences seem to remind us more of Pharaoh in Egypt than of Moses.

Smoke also seems to employ the Hegelian dialect as part of his brainwashing strategy. This refers to the method of subtle policy implementation in which a problem is purposefully created for the purpose of introducing a desired policy solution. An example would be a fire department burning down houses and then using the "outbreak" of fires to petition the local government for additional funding to increase the effectiveness of the fire station. Smoke would regularly tell members that they faced certain punishments or consequences for their actions and that only by implementing his explicit instruction could they be avoided by the member. This was regularly employed in counseling sessions, which he was exclusively responsible for among the headquarters group.

Perhaps the greatest evil of both Smoke and his father are their ability to express incredibly emotional expressions of deep love and concern for members, convincing them completely that they are Smoke and Kenneths passionate concern and their children, while simultaneously abusing them physically, mentally and emotionally without ever breaking character. The greatest struggle of survivors of the group have been coming to grips with the fact that this love was an illusion and the great heartache and pain of betrayal that they feel having reciprocated such deception with a deep and affectionate genuine love. Our primary witness even now expresses to us that he still has a deep and abiding love for both Smoke and Kenneth Sr., and that despite the deep betrayals they have perpetrated, because he loved them truly, he must live with the daily heartbreak of having to watch them fall into their prophesied end and that he struggles with their abandonment of him everyday.

A database has been populated by our affiliate volunteers and will be posted in the near future on a new page containing videos and sermons of  Smoke Jackson and his doctrinal teachings. There is also a private video in which he is recalling a recent trip to West Africa in which he alleges to have come under attack and used lethal force against the assailants. Another witness also revealed a detailed plot by both Kenneth Sr. and Smoke during a recent trip to Canada in which the murder of an alleged embezzler was plotted out in detail and rehearsed in advance. Kenneth Sr. was supposed to confront the man in a warehouse office, beat him up and then hand him over to a crime boss for execution. The witness was sent home before the meeting occurred and cannot verify whether the murder was carried out. He did send us video sent by the intended victim which appears to show a number of militant west African gangsters using the stolen equipment and it appears to us that this was actually some sort of attempt by the victim to prove that 1BLOOD had actually framed him to cover up Kenneth Sr.'s theft his partners equipment. This is unverified still as the video is very choppy, switches from one scene to the next without narration, and the dialects used by the gangsters is foreign to us. The witness however, told us that the video had been given to him by the partner whose equipment had been stolen, and that he himself had received it from the accused man. This case clearly has alot of blanks that need to be filled in, and we have neither the resources or authority to launch any sort of in depth investigation.

All of these accounts as well as scores more that we have not included here all point to the fact that Smoke Jackson is a dangerous and violent leader, and the witness of the Canada case told us that he firmly believed that Smoke or Kenneth Sr. would have him assassinated if they felt he was a threat to them. In fact, fear of assassination is a common theme among former members who have turned testimony against SCEI-1BLOOD and its administration. We do not doubt that the threat is legitimate and share in their concern. However, the Truth will always prevail, and the greatest evil occurs when good men do nothing in the face of evil and great personal danger. We applaud the bravery of the victims and witnesses who have come forward to expose this dangerous and subversive cult.