Who is "Apostle" "Dr" Kenneth D. Jackson, Sr.?

Much like Smoke Jackson, Kenneth D. Jackson, Sr., is virtually a ghost in the official record. Virtually all published facts relating to him are produced through the various propaganda arms of his organization. An in depth research and background check of his CV by this cult watch, which included official inquiries to his various educational institutions have revealed that 99% of his officially endorsed accomplishments and affiliations list are fraudulent and the vast majority of the organizations and institutions never even existed. His entire profile is fabricated and this has been irrefutably proven by this group. Inquiries with the CIA and FBI are still pending responses, yet AP claims (almost certainly on false witness) that he was a top CIA operative and trust administrator of the S.G. Sta. Romana Estate, the infamous black operations hedge fund. This is almost certainly a lie, but we are waiting for a response from the District Attorney stated within the documents one of our operatives scanned, at great peril to himself, from one of Kenneth's personal record books. More will be published on this when inquiries are complete and verification is finalized.

Also scanned was a Sarasota Vault Depository slip which claims that he is in possession of a $400 million dollar luminous pearl, an ancient far eastern artifact of immense pseudo historical significance. Whether this pearl exists, or whether this is merely another illusionary fraud, remains to be seen.

Kenneth Sr. claims to have been a top security official of the personal guard and administration of World Wide Church of GOD leader Herbert W. Armstrong. This church has been dissolved due to internal corruption, making verification of this very difficult, but inquiries have been made with offshoot churches of the WWCG operated by former administrative officials of HWA, but no response has yet been received verifying whether any of them have ever actually heard of him. We do believe it highly plausible, as this is not much of an accomplishment and would not really have required a great deal of effort, but until we can either confirm or deny we must leave this open to speculation.

It is important to note that the WWCG was a highly racist organization as it related to African Americans, and HWA himself seems to have had little tolerance for them. This leads us to believe that it is unlikely that some of the more lofty claims of authorized ascension to HWA's office as Apostle of that Church to be highly unlikely, especially considering his overwhelming history of frauds and lies.

Kenneth Sr. teaches that prior to HWA's death, he was entrusted with one of three official WWCG seals of authority. Another of these seals remained with HWA and the third was passed to his successor
Joseph W. Tkach.  During a two days sermon on the history of the church, during which Kenneth Sr. glorified himself and his congregation as the 7th and final era of Christ's True Church, he revealed the wooden seal, claiming that it had been given to him as part of GODs divine plan to place him in the high office of Apostle after the inevitable fall of the false Apostle Joseph Tkach. However, a high level member of the church, who occupied the office where the "official" seal had been kept, also found a second seal. This one was still in the process of construction, being only half complete and damaged. It was of the same wood and design of the first, and clearly had been the first attempt at forging the WWCG seal of authority. This leaves very little doubt that the seal presented by Kenneth Sr. was in fact a forgery, and that HWA had never passed on any seal or mandate to him as he had so convincingly stated. This seal remained in the members care during which time her revealed it to others. After some time, he presented it to JoAnne Jackson, who quickly took it and clearly implied that he was to remain silent, and the seal disappeared and was never seen again. By now it has likely been destroyed or hidden out of our reach to hide the fraud. It is primarily for this deception that we have raised serious questioning of the legitimacy of all of his other WWCG claims.

One thing seems clear, Kenneth Sr. lusted for HWA's power and office, and made it his mission to build for himself the same prestige, international respect and power; seeds which grew into Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM International and 1BLOOD International a church of even greater apostasy and deception than Armstrong's organization, despite its relative insignificance in world events.

Kenneth Sr. allegedly visited Sierra Leone in the 1990's to witness the 10 year civil conflict that had swept the nation. During this visit he took a number of graphic and disturbing photographs of his tour, an experience which he claimed planted the seeds for a new direction for the region and a plan to end the war. He returned to the US where he established an legally questionable natural medicinal health ministry he called 6Keys. During this time he implemented the teaching and training of the criminal and fraudulent chiropractor Kurt Donsbach, which he claimed to be a divinely inspired method of scripturally based Principle/Application centered medicine. He developed a formula (or adopted it rather) found in the bible that he called ASAR. Ask, Seek, Apply and Receive marking the beginning of a long history of cryptic acronyms that were said to hold divine power and inspiration. He practiced medicine for some time, allegedly beginning around 1995-96 and continuing for 5 or 6 years. During this time he was met with some success and an equal number of failures. Numerous patients died of their diseases despite receiving his divine healing, which he regularly blamed on minor missteps of protocol violations on behalf of his patients. Regardless, he began using his health ministry to begin indoctrinating survivors into his church where he programed them to become enamored with his divine authority and miraculous healing powers. He established a small church in a defunct single wide trailer and began hosting Sabbath services on Saturdays, the day he claims to have been ordained by GOD and unchanged through the present day.

During the time that he practiced medicine, he never acquired a license to practice, and in fact, based on the denials of the University of Maryland and our subsequent research, we have established that Kenneth D. Jackson Sr. has never attended an accredited University at any time. His highest assumed education is a High School diploma, although we have not located his high school to verify whether he even made it that far. Presumable he is self-educated and has fraudulently created his many educational credentials and associations for the purpose of granting himself the illusion of legitimacy.

In 2000-2001 he returned to Sierra Leone to realized his plan to end the war and establish a food security program. His many sermons on the ability to control populations and commit them to a state of servitude makes it clear to us now why he focused his immediate attentions on control of the national food supply. Although he claims to have been at least partially responsible for the end of the war, this fact is almost certainly a lie. We have no verification or record of a Kenneth Jackson in the peace talks, negotiations or UN resolutions that resulted in the end of that war in 2001. It appears that, as always, he stole credit from others to grant himself legitimacy that he lacked on his own.

Up until 2003 it seems that Kenneth Jackson largely comprised his Sabbath sermons on in depth biblical studies and breakdowns of scriptures. He dressed in coats and ties, read from the Bible and gained a larger following. However, members then noted a change in Kenneth following a trip to Sierra Leone around 2003. Apparently, the success of his first seed rice farms in the Bo District of Sierra Leone had caused the natives, as is their natural way, to exhort Kenneth with great parades and tributes,    including grand displays and gifts and offerings. It seems that this adoration consumed him and when he returned he immediately began to change in the eyes of his members. He began wearing royal clothing, and adorning himself with gold and diamonds. He had a crown constructed for himself and wore it for all Sermons and official meetings. His Sabbath sermons began to shift from bible studies into long rambling stories of his exploits, grand designs, visions, prophetic powers, ecclesiastical authorities and he also claimed himself Apostle. It reached the point at which Kenneth rarely opened the Bible or read from it, claiming that he now received visions and new testimony straight from the Most High GOD who he identified as 'ELOHIYM, based on the original phonetic translation of the Hebrew word used to describe GOD in the ancient Chaldean. The church which had been called International Church of GODs Elect became Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM International, and he established 1BLOOD International as his outreach ministry and registered it as an NGO.

Once he abandoned the Bible as the center of his teachings his doctrines began shifting radically. He began printing and publishing his own doctrinal writings and forcing his congregation to undergo intense workshops where he indoctrinated them with his new lofty visions and scriptures. He began to identify himself as a hereditary king of West Africa, based on some connection he had found through his slave ancestry leading back to Africa. He rapidly convinced the West African natives under his influence of this belief and he gladly accepted royal praises, titles and tributes from his new subjects. As his food program grew, so did his ego. In time he began to claim that he was in fact a modern day Joseph, in reference to Joseph of ancient Egypt whom GOD used to implement a national food security program to stave off famine for the glorification of GOD. This became a regular topic of his "sermons" which were little more than several hour long bragging sessions during which he would boast of all things from having the power to raise the dead, over power demons, speak self fulfilling prophecies and influence world leaders.

He claimed that through divine visions, GOD had shown him the future of the church and its ultimate success . He said that in time it would become an international embassy headquarters of the Church which Christ would take over upon his return. He claimed that its members would eventually become royal ambassadors to the leaders of the world, to prepare the way for the end times. He claimed that a massive global famine was coming and began instructing members to begin storing food to last for seven years.

He also began a church reserve of food which continues to grow in expectation of this famine. Storage also began to include large caches of weapons, ammunition, drugs, alcohol and virtually anything else that he deemed to be valuable for defense, offense, trade and barter. Currently there are 6 storage facilities on the Miracle Manor property. A storage unit on the front of the property, a cinder block building nearest the horse pasture next to the property, three large shipping containers behind the sanctuary, and a cinder block storage unit next to Smokes trailer at the top of the hill. Additionally there is a trailer adjacent to the sanctuary full of random junk, a stickbuilt shed next to the basket ball court full of electronics, appliances and probably food, a tool shed near the lower concrete food shed full of mechanical and automotive supplies and spare rooms in the Big House at the bottom of the hill. We believe this is also the location of his hidden weapons cache. It also houses his office which contains truly gaudy paint themes, fake tropical plants, totems and tribal masks and trinkets, his wet bar and a grand carved wood and velvet throne where he sits to entertain official guests as king. He also carries a wooden royal scepter when in Africa where he has another throne.

The Big House is a maze of additions and consists of several double wides fixed together and also contains food storage, a media center, the compounds T1 internet server, and his bedroom.  It is also equipped with a billiard room and gym, as well as a large central living room, formal sitting room, dining room and two spare bedrooms.

Around 2009 relatively, Kenneth announced that his program was expanding to Liberia, where he had established rapport with an ambassador-at-large. Using seed rice from Sierra Leone and funds from a wealthy member he bought lands and began 1BLOOD Liberia. Around this time 1BLOOD administration began being plagued by corruption and scandal. So did SCEI. Pastors went rogue, top officials embezzled equipment and robbed Kenneth's vaults. Large amounts of necessary equipment were seized and the foul fruits of his bad seeds began to unravel his authority. After less than 2 years he suddenly announced that 1BLOOD operations would cease and that all farms would be given freely to the people. This seems highly unlikely and suspicious. It has never been his history to give up power or money. Sierra Leone also seemed to fall off the radar. Although unproven, it is highly likely that his cons and frauds were discovered and his right to operate terminated and the farms seized. He immediately began talking about divine access being granted to 1BLOOD to establish a long lasting relationship with the Gambian President, a known western puppet dictator. Through his connections established in Liberia and Sierra Leone he eventually was granted audience with the Gambian President, although he arrogantly stated that he would not grace the Gambian nation with a visit until an official diplomatic invitation was formerly sent. This resulted in longer delays, but was eventually granted, during which time he put together a grand entourage and made his visitation amidst great pomp and circumstance.

It is unclear exactly what was discussed with the President, but he left the meeting with a rapport, the President was bedazzled by his word craft and he soon received a diplomatic passport and claimed to have been appointed Ambassador at large. However, outside of his own news outlets, the Gambian press has not yet referred to him according to that title. Soon after he made a donation of two water pumps to the government which earned him another recognition in the Gambian press, but it seems he never again had a press covered meeting with the Gambian leader. He did attend several events in which cameras caught his face in the rear of the audiences, which he posted and claimed were part of his honorary meetings with the President, but there is no verification of this. It appears as though he simply used the photos to create more propaganda.

In 2011 he announced that the President was gifting 1BLOOD a large compound in the Gambia which he claimed would eventually become his new administrative headquarters and hospital, although this is also doubtful, as no such announcement was ever made by the President, and it is unlikely that as of now the project has moved forward. If he has acquired a compound it is likely that he purchased it with the funds of his wealthy patron. Again, this is speculation, but based on his proven record of deception and fraud it is hard to take any of his claims seriously until they have been verified.

In late 2011 he announced that he had been dispatched in his capacity of Ambassador-at-Large to Canada to broker over 18 major national development partnerships and contracts with top leaders of industry, followed by a diplomatic visit to Washington D.C. Once in Canada, he claimed that due to a clerical blunder on behalf of a Washington Aid, the invitation had not addressed him appropriately and that he would be unable to attend unless it was corrected. Our inquiries to Washington have yet to have provided any knowledge of a proposed visit by an Ambassador Dr. Kenneth D. Jackson, nor have we confirmed that the Gambian State Department ever petitioned such a visit. It is almost certain that he made the whole thing up when he couldn't arrange the trip on his own. Once in Canada he also revealed that the trip was "unofficial" and that, although he was acting within his power as Ambassador-at-Large, he was acting according to his own directives.

While in Canada he did meet with business leaders, who became almost magically enamored by him as though under a spell. He succeeded in completing the preplanning stages of several joint ventures with large businesses, and compiled an official report for the Gambian President detailing his successes, although he was unable to meet with a number of his proposed partners and spent the majority of his time drinking liquor in his hotel room,watching ultimate fighting, shopping at the mall, and discussing a national cellular network plan with a man whom he claimed to be a former top official within the World Bank. This may have been true, but all of his plans and proposed projects have never been officially documented, reported on or mentioned by anyone outside of his own group, let alone the Gambian State. It was also during this trip that he arranged for the beating and assassination of an alleged thief as documented on the page of this website devoted to Smoke Jackson.

Currently he is in West Africa, where he lives for around nine months of the year, and a recent insider report states that he made an announcement of the birth of his new daughter, Keoka, the same name given to his first daughter, who has been in a state of declining health for many years despite her young age. It is unclear what his wife's response is to this, as she hasn't been to Africa, or who his new mistress might be.