American Geophysical Union Scraps Science, Now Faith Based

I recently attended a 3-day science policy conference sponsored by the American Geophysical Union (AGU).  The AGU is an association of 62,000 scientists who study the Earth.  Although the conference was allegedly about science policy, it resembled a cross between a Scientology rally and a workshop for lobbyists from the Mohair Council of America.
The euphemisms for lobbying by people who aren't supposed to be lobbying are "communication" and "outreach."  The AGU believes, in a secular way, that God is on their side and the reason why they are being ignored, and not being given enough money, is that they haven't done enough communicating.  They think that if only the government understood the importance of their work, things would change for the better.  It absolutely never crosses their mind that if the government and the people understood what they are really doing, their money might be cut off. -Read more here

Pope Francis: The Vatican’s rebel

For those invested in the status quo, he’s the most dangerously unpredictable pope in centuries

It was just another weekend at the office for Pope Francis, more of the series of actions, words and gestures that have kept him a fixture in the international media since his March 13 election. On June 15 he took a major step toward reforming the scandal-wracked Vatican bank by appointing his own man, Msg. Battista Ricca—who also runs the Vatican hotel where Francis lives—as interim prelate overseeing the bank’s management. The next day, as several thousand bikers gathered along Rome’s Via della Conciliazione, the main road leading to St. Peter’s Square, as part of Harley-Davidson’s 110th birthday celebrations, Francis arrived in his open-topped jeep and gave them his blessing. He then presided over an open air mass in the square, crowded with ordinary Catholics, nuns and priests in habit, and bikers in Harley jackets. -Read more here

House of Judah: Deadly anniversary for West Michigan religious cult

 Authorities and neighbors will tell you they knew something odd was going on at the House of Judah encampment in rural Allegan County, but it wasn’t until a young boy’s battered body arrived at the local hospital in the back of a pickup that the brutal underbelly of the cult was exposed.John Yarbough, 12, died 30 years ago this summer.
Survivors and authorities alike say the nightmare of that place still haunts the living
What started out as a communal group of "black Israelites" living under the leadership of a self-proclaimed prophet devolved into a place of despair, where punishment for minor transgressions was meted out in the form of public beatings and disfiguring burns, survivors and investigators say.
It was a place where armed guards roamed the perimeter, and children were padlocked into a collection of trailers at night. -Read more here

SCEI-1BLOOD and Iyel Bey once again demand Cease and Desist against SCEI-1BLOOD Fraud!

Author Clayton Luce while at the cult
Once again a Ceast and Desist Notice (SEE BELOW PAGE) has been given and delivered in First Class Mail. It is merely a more comprehensive archiving of infringement and other legal claims against us in the form of a "final" Cease and Desist. Why they continue to make legal notices and allegations while refusing to present an attorney or competent counsel or simply filing a lawsuit remains unknown.

 For whatever reason SCEI-1BLOOD MULTIMEDIA ARCHIVES are now being used as a fictitious entity representing itself as though before a court while being represented by Iyel Bey. Mr. Bey at this time, in accordance with the more literal hard line maritime law beliefs, likely associated with the broader views of the Washitaw Nation and other organizations, including many darker more sinister groups and individuals who attempt to use international loopholes and national laws to exist within a depatriated status, being recognized publicly as citizens of several nations or no nations at all existing as human Sovereigns purely. 

This has been a very common theme I have noticed for as long as I dealt with them. A gentleman who I will not name at this time, but who was a brilliant legal mind and may or may not have been from a devious past, counseled Kenneth Jackson and assisted in this form of legal wizardry which deals in Powers and Principalities and the navigation of both civil and maritime law. I am very familiar with it and studied it for sometime. In fact, I practice it here because I represent myself as myself. I invoke those powers granted to me and use them so that YOU, the READER and you the reader both get the truth about Kenneth D. Jackson, Sr., Smoke Jackson and any others knowingly or willingly manipulating, damaging and/or controlling the powers and principalities of individual humans without fear, because I know the truth and the truth will prevail, whether our individual circumstances end up well or not.

Uganda's homosexuals targeted by US Evangelicals

A report by Amnesty International says homosexuals are increasingly becoming targets of hate in many African nations. In Uganda, US-based Evangelicals are involved in campaigning against homosexuality, critics say.
Here, in a conference room situated next to the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, Viktor Mukasa is struggling to talk of his experiences as a transgender person in his homeland of Uganda.
"It got to a stage that I went to church and said, please heal me from homosexuality," Mukasa explains. "I ended up being abused in the church by the so-called men of God, Evangelicals." -Read more here

Emergency meeting called at SCEI-1BLOOD International Headquarters!

What was discussed?

WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!

SCEI-1BLOOD cult linked to child molestation

Andres Rivera-Fuentes, 31, of Macon, Georgia has been named in a case of aggravated child molestation, during which Mr. Fuentes allegedly committed oral sex on a 15 year old girl and member of his church.
Additional contact with the minor was made when Mr. Fuentes allegedly text messaged the minor after the incident and asked her to rate his performance on a scale of one to ten.The incident allegedly happened in the home of the minor while her mother was present in another room.

SCEI-1BLOOD Cult Member Arrested on charges of Aggravated Child Molestation

SCEI-1BLOOD cult member and local Macon resident, Andres Rivera-Fuentes has been arrested and charged with aggravated child molestation (sodomy) according to public sources.
Andres Rivera-Fuentes was arrested on June 5, 2013 at approximately 10:15 EST in Twiggs County, GA while attempting to pick up his own minor children from their mother.The defendant, Andres R. Fuentes is a member of the Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM International, and committed the alleged sexual acts on a minor member of his church, according to multiple testimonies, and including the testimony of the victim.
According to witnesses, Mr. Fuentes was taken in for questioning and provided full admission of guilt to officers both via audio and written testimony, confirming the previous allegations against him.

Notice of Disclosure

Due to SCEI-1BLOOD International attacks on the free press and cultwatch sources, this website and its author Clayton L Luce will now continue full disclosure of SCEI-1BLOOD (Sovereign Church of ELOHIYM International / 1BLOOD International) criminal activities, religious atrocities and mental, physical and emotional abuse of its members and society at large. We had hoped to temporarily dial down our news reporting in order to support law enforcement in prosecuting a child molestation case related to SCEI-1BLOOD.  However, due to the harassment of Iyel Bey, we are now forced to resume our campaign to expose SCEI-1BLOOD International (Sovereign Church of ELOHIYM International / 1BLOOD International) From this point on, please check in for new updates on the cult and its actions.

SCEI-1BLOOD's Iyel Bey Issues another phony, copy and paste legal notice! We replied!!! See full correspondence here!

In the latest half cocked fear-mongering tactic by SCEI-1BLOOD, Iyel Bey continues to claim ownership of materials fully owned and created by Clayton L Luce, in order to scare SCEI-1BLOOD Cultwatch from revealing the truth! Needless to say, we are a non-profit news organization and will remain faithful to our readership despite any and all legal ramifications by standing up against this cult and revealing information for the public awareness. (Scroll to bottom of post to see Clayton Luce's response.)

Dear Coleen Nolan: Parents' worry over son's cult obsession

Our 16-year-old son used to have a quiet, calm personality. But he’s recently joined what I can only describe as a cult. Members have to meet at specific places and times, they worship 30-40 gods and their leader is never seen. -Read more here

Cult leader Rocco Leo given court permission to sell Agape Ministries assets

A cult leader has been given court permission to sell assets as part of ending a long-running dispute involving Agape Ministries. Its leader Rocco Leo, who is believed to be in Fiji, was sued by a former group member and the Australian Taxation Office. Stroke victim Silvana Melchiorre was awarded $420,000 after claiming she was brainwashed into donating to Leo. -Read more here

House of Judah: What police found at the cult's Allegan County compound

ALLEGAN COUNTY, MI – The Sheriff’s Department was aware of the secretive House of Judah camp, all painted in blue and white, that sprawled across a remote area of southwest Allegan County.
But no one knew what was really going on among that cluster of trailers and houses. That is, until John Yarbough, 12, was beaten to death. -Read more here


Our latest SCEI-1BLOOD affiliate site has been launched in Beta form at

Unlike SCEI-1BLOOD Fraud and, this site is dedicated to the concept of cults in the broader sense of the word, and as an alternative news source for the many cults of humanity.

The new CultNation site is still in its infancy and is undergoing regular modifications and alterations and still suffers from sporadic downtime, but the Beta version is up and running for those who are tired of CNN, Fox News and the Drudge Report as your only source of headlines ranging from business to the bizarre.

VIDEO LECTURE: Dr. Robert J. Lifton on Destructive Cults

 One of the leading experts in mind control, Dr. Lifton addressed the issue of doomsday cults such as Aum Shinrikyo.



LIST: Top 10 Cults

Cult roughly refers to a cohesive social group devoted to beliefs or practices that the surrounding culture considers outside the mainstream, with a notably positive or negative popular perception. Many cults are destructive or suicidal though others, whilst being controversial, do not commit extreme acts. This is a list of the top ten cults. In no particular order:

1. Church of Bible Understanding
2. Manson Family
3. Aum Shinrikyo                      -SEE FULL LIST!

Cult News Quote:

"Authorities say the throats and the wrists of the victims were cut with knives and axes, and their blood was spread on a Santa Muerte altar. Their bodies were then buried near the shacks where the alleged cult members lived."

Woman pleads guilty to murder in Durham cult case

A member of an alleged Durham cult pleaded guilty Monday for her role in the 2010 deaths of a 4-year-old boy, who the group's leader thought was gay, and a woman who had been trying to get out of the religious sect. Durham County prosecutors said Smith and two other women were in thrall to Pete Moses, leader of the Black Hebrews, and lived with him in a home on Pear Tree Lane in southeast Durham. The three feared him and called him "Lord," authorities have said.

Cult Survivor Warns Public

A cult survivor has issued warnings to the public Monday in a written statement, shedding light on the difference between religions and cults and the targeting phenomenon many innocent people are suffering globally.
The difference between “religion” and “cult” can often seem slight, but any self-identified “targeted individual” (TI) will say the need to better understand cults these days is paramount. Cult members prey on their targets in ways unimaginable for the average person never exposed to such abuse and the phenomeon is growing rapidly, according to TIs.

Heaven's Gate Documentary

There are many cults world wide, but not all are as dangerous.

Armstrongism Archives: Worldwide Church Of God--Modern Day Cult

How many of these church organizations still exist, I have no idea, nor do I know what they teach aside from glancing at a few websites to learn that at least some of these groups are still Saturday Sabbath keepers, Old Testament "Holyday" keepers, and keepers of such doctrines as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tithes. Some still have an authoritarian format they adhere to, and all in the name of Jesus Christ as the "true church".

Being spiritually seduced by false teachers is a tragedy of life. Some human beings love to play the role of being God on earth and unfortunately often deceive many into following their deceptions. The Worldwide Church of God under the leadership of its original founder Herbert W. Armstrong, impacted the lives of well over a 100,000 church members worldwide. (I have read that at its peak, the membership was 145,000.) Many of those lives were spent in sorrow and tragedy, especially because of such teachings as "divorce and remarriage", and financially raping people through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd tithes, as well as pressure to endlessly donate over and above the three tithes.  -Read more here

Pedophiles: Facts and Fumes

Facts about pedophiles are deduced from research on identified pedophiles available to researchers. This population is predominantly convicted child molesters, the five percent who get caught, pinpointing them as the statistical outliers. Until research is conducted on the ninety-five percent of those with the condition pedophilia who do notindulge their desires or do not get caught, these facts are guesses, intelligent conjecture, not fully proven facts, yet. Here are some of the accepted truths:
See All


The courageous stories of three people who escaped the clutches of abuse, mind control, and fear in two dangerous religious cults. Original aired on National Geographic April 2012. Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints, Warren Jeffs, Aggressive Christianity Missionary Training Corps.

Cult Language

One of the distinct markers of many cults is the fact that members use a language all their own. The leader may use certain words that are not in the common vernacular, and the members adopt those words so that somebody coming from the outside can’t instantly join the conversation. 
-Read more here

SURVIVOR SPOTLIGHT: How I Survived the United Pentecostal Church

This is how I survived the United Pentecostal Church.The United States considers itself a very religious country. Religion is a big deal here in the United States. When you think of a cult, do you think of Jim Jones or Waco? A cult is a particular system of religious worship, especially with reference to its rites and ceremonies, according to So according to the above definition of a “cult” every church is a cult. -Read more here

‘The Source Family’ a gripping look at a ’60s-era cult

Over the years there have been numerous in-depth examinations of various American cults on the big and small screens. From the worlds of Jim Jones to the Branch Davidians to Charles Manson, filmmakers have frequently been intrigued by cults and what leads presumably sane — if easily impressionable — people to be attracted to the messianic leaders of these groups.
-Read more here

Convicted Faith Healer Prefers His Female Clients in the Nude

He likens his powerful fingers to “the scalpels of Jesus,” and some believe him.
Others, however, view self-proclaimed faith healer Claude Provencher as a charlatan and sex predator.

-Read more here

Israeli police detain man suspected of running abusive cult

Israeli police have arrested a man whom they suspect of leading a violent cult community that routinely practiced child abuse.
YNetnews reports the man is suspected of having instilled a regime of terror within a sect of his own making, and subjecting minors and adults to endless acts of torture, humiliation and sexual abuse.Six families, including 11 parents and 25 children, were allegedly victims to the violent whims of the dictatorial figure, who, among other things, ordered parents to lock their children in bathrooms for hours and smear their faces with feces. -Read more here

Jehovah’s Witnesses force tenants to move out

If you think having Jehovah’s Witnesses ring your doorbell in order to try and sell you on their false ‘gospel’ is bad, consider the plight of some tenants in Suffern, NY.
They’re looking for new homes after their building was sold to theWatchtower Society, the religious cult’s legal entity.

SHOCKING: 3 day old Baby burned to death after cult leader declares her the Antichrist

Baby's mother allegedly approved of sacrifice
In a horrific example of religious cultism, a church leader in rural Chile cast a three-day-old baby on to a roaring bonfire after declaring the child the antichrist. The baby's 25-year-old mother allegedly approved of the sacrifice.   -FULL STORY

Jury finds Enumclaw Sound Doctrine pastor Malcolm Fraser guilty of sex crimes against a child

The jury returned its verdict late Wednesday morning in the case of accused Enumclaw Sound Doctrine pastor Malcolm Fraser, finding him guilty of sex crimes committed against a young girl.
Fraser had been charged with two counts of first-degree child rape and two counts of first-degree molestation. The case involved a girl who was 11 when the  incidents took place; she is now 18. The incidents occurred in the girl's home, while Fraser was living with her family.

Georgia cult SCEI-1BLOOD posts ominous security announcement on its website

The Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM has issued a drawn out security bulletin detailing an alleged conspiracy to steal church archives in order to further censor and intimidate the SCEI-1BLOOD Cult Watch, its author and other cult survivors.

Cult Of Mac In The News

Its exclusive, it claims to be the best, and its followers verge on fanatic. Its leader was revered as an enlightened genius while enshrouding himself in secrecy. The merger of humans and software. Is this the first digital cult?

Multi-Cultural Church; Cult leader loses properties; Prosperity Church less prosperous

Imprisoned cult leader’s properties to be seized

Federal prosecutors have begun the process to seize property owned by ‘evangelist’ Tony Alamo, real name Bernie Lazar Hoffman. Alamo is serving a 175-year prison sentence for taking girls as young as nine across state lines with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity. Alamo, who had threatened the girls with the loss of their salvation if they did not comply, referred to them as his ‘brides.’ 
-Read more here

Ex-members of faith healing church say death surrounded them

Last week a Philadelphia judge ruled that a local couple who believes in faith healing over medical care must stand trial on murder charges in the death of their 7-month old son. 

-Read More here

Russian cult leader’s 11-year sentence upheld

NOVOSIBIRSK, May 27 (RAPSI) - The Novosibirsk Regional Court has rejected an appeal filed by Konstantin Rudnev, the former leader of the Ashram Shambala religious cult, thus upholding his 11-year prison sentence, Judge Larisa Goretaya said on Monday.
-Read more here

Survivor Spotlight: Hi, I’m Suzi.

redI was born in a fundamentalist cultchurch connected to The Shepherding Movement.  I am writing this blog because I have now spent half of my life recovering from church and spiritual abuse.
The psychological, physical and emotional abuse and control I endured still haunt me.  I have been diagnosed with Chronic PTSD, but have found great solace in talking to others and have found that even though I was in a rare situation I have much in common with other survivors.  I find that abuse is cyclical and the focus of my little corner of the web is to stop the shame induced silence that allows so many types of abuse to continue and thrive. - Visit Suzi's Blog

Westboro Babtists: My Life Post-Cult: Back to Normality

When she was fifteen, Lauren Drain's family joined the Westboro Baptist Church, known for picketing the funerals of veterans and spewing hate speech. Years later, Lauren was banished by her father for questioning their practices.

Armstrongism Archives: Tragedy puts spotlight on small, obscure church

"'We are not talking about decades in the future,' Meredith wrote. 'We are talking about Bible prophecies that will intensify in the next five to 15 years of your life.'

In a recent telecast, he warned that a mysterious spirit war in the next several years will change the world and alter lives.

The non-denominational church dates only to the 1990s, a spiritual descendant of the
Worldwide Church of God, which was established by the late Herbert W. Armstrong. "

National mind control techniques no different than religious mind control

Using fear and the threat of insecurity to manipulate the people, corporate media, in bed with government, over the years having become the mouthpiece of government control, unleashes a barrage of propaganda, in images and pro-war commentators, to arouse in the population the false sense of security that justifies military action. 

Toddler 'starved to death by religious cult because he wouldn't say amen'

A toddler whose remains were found inside a suitcase was starved to death by religious cult members - including his mother - because he refused to say 'amen' after meals, police said today. -Read more here

Teen Mania: Endurance Bootcamp Or Religious Cult?

Los Angeles Local News, Weather, and Traffic
Dallas, TX -
It's an intense military style Christian retreat that promises to transform lives and inspire a greater love for God…and for thousands - it did just that.
But Gina Silva reports some teens say they were traumatized, and accuse "Teen Mania" of being a cult. Check out the FOX 11 News Investigative video report. -Read more here

Family of deceased British Army officer calls for investigation of “cult”

The family of a 27-year-old British Army officer who died of cancer in November (2012) have called for an investigation into the brainwashing tactics of a group who claimed they could cure her cancer.  Leaders of Innersound, who have a clinic in London and are recognized as a cult by UK experts,  dissuaded Naima Mohamed from having the chemotherapy that could have saved her life. Innersound ‘masters’ claimed she would recover from their meditation and therapy alone,  and that chemotherapy was poison. The Sandhurst-trained officer rejected chemotherapy and all other NHS treatments in January 2011. She handed over more than £15k to Innersound, but then the cancer spread to her sternum and lungs. Naima was told  in July last year by hospital doctors her family persuaded her to see that she had around two years to live, but she died in a hospice near her family in Poole just four months later. -Read more here

China arrests 500 followers of religious cult over Mayan apocalypse rumors

Quasi-Christian religious group the Church of the Almighty God accused of spreading rumors that world will end on Friday
ark-like vessel under construction in China
An ark-like vessel under construction in China's north-western Xinjiang province, where some are predicting a world-ending flood. Photograph: Chen Jiansheng/AP

"The Qinghai police bureau stated that the police had stormed numerous centers belonging to the Almighty God cult, arresting more than 400 members and confiscating over 5,000 items including banners, DVDs, slogans, books, computers, speakers, and cell phones," Xinhua reported, adding that the group had "advanced anti-detection capabilities".

For Many Trapped in Religious "Cults," Steve Hassan Keeps Hope Alive

Author and mental health counselor Steve Hassan has made hundreds of television appearances in recent years to spread the alarm about the dangerous growth of "cults" in America. A former top lieutenant to the Rev. Sun Myung Moon -- the charismatic founder of the Unification Church, the fanatical South Korean religious group known popularly as the "Moonies" -- he clearly knows the perils of such groups from the inside. In Freedom of Mind, his fourth book, he presents an updated version of his practical handbook published in 2000 on how family members can approach and successfully "rescue" their loved ones from the clutches of groups that nurture extreme emotional and psychological dependency among their members to the point where many are prepared to do anything -- even commit mass suicide -- to fulfill their leaders' mission.

Sunday Night - Inside Australia's Chilling New Cult (AJ Miller)

In a 10 month investigation, Sunday Night infiltrates one of the world's most worrying new cults.

They teach you vanity and false hopes

15 Therefore thus says the Lord of hosts concerning the prophets: Behold, I will feed them with [the bitterness of] wormwood and make them drink the [poisonous] water of gall, for from the [false] prophets of Jerusalem profaneness and ungodliness have gone forth into all the land.

Sound Familiar?

10 ...because when one builds a [flimsy] wall, behold, [these prophets] daub it over with whitewash.

Cult Leaders will not be among the House of Israel, as many of them contend, because God specifically spells is out!

Therefore thus says the Lord God: Because you have spoken empty, false, and delusive words and have seen lies, therefore behold, I am against you, says the Lord God.

It is God who actually confounds the visions of false prophets like cult leaders.

24 Thus says the Lord, your Redeemer, and He Who formed you from the womb: I am the Lord, Who made all things, Who alone stretched out the heavens, Who spread out the earth by Myself [who was with Me]?—
25 [I am the Lord] Who frustrates the signs and confounds the omens [upon which the false prophets’ forecasts of the future are based] of the [boasting] liars and makes fools of diviners, Who turns the wise backward and makes their knowledge foolishness,

They cannot predict the future.

28 For I look [upon the heathen prophets and the priests of pagan practices] and there is no man among them [who could predict these events], and among these [idols] there is no counselor who, when I ask of him, can answer a word.

End of Disclosure

Dear Readers, both friend and foe,

I began this website for out of both a love for those people who have been and are caught up in this cult, as well as out of a determination to do the right thing. Enough people have been used and discarded by SCEI-1BLOOD, including myself and friends, and I am required by law and out of love for country and humanity to report the crimes I was aware of as well as the many questionable and dubious actions we have been able to document.

We may experience TEMPORARY Technical Difficulties!

To our readers, as you well know, the SCEI-1BLOOD goon Iyel Bey is playing lawyer and running around trying to claim false copyrights against our materials. While this ultimately works towards our benefit in the end, as it could subject them to serious legal consequences, and has already amounted to a confession by the cult of several deceptions in a public light,  it could also cause some of our content to come offline as domain providers comply with a short period of removal pending a legal action.

This period is usually 10 -14 business days, after which our content will once again be online. Make no mistake, this site is a not-for-profit activism and journalistic endeavor and has never resulted in any financial gain on my behalf. Moreso, I own intellectual property rights over all materials produced by me during my time in the cult, including the materials in question. The "SCEI-1BLOOD Multimedia Archives" are essentially copies of my own original databases and media, for which I own originals.

Again, don't be alarmed if this, or other materials are brought offline. We are also working to replicate the site with three new domains hosted on our own servers bringing the site total to five and severly limiting the amount of material they can abuse DMCA laws to usurp.

To date, our efforts have resulted in three more families leaving the cult, amounting to almost a full fourth of the entire U.S. Headquarters Congregation. They are starting to feel the burn, and its starting to hurt their pocketbooks. They are becoming weak and angry and dangerous. Fortunately for all of you, I have no fear whatsoever of them, as I have repeatedly dealt them crippling blows that have left them with nothing but censorship or assassination as options to end this campaign.

I will not stop until every man, woman and child knows the truth, and until the compound at 5 Joyce Drive stands empty and barren.

SCEI-1BLOOD fraudulent Knights of Malta ties uncovered!

When Kenneth D. Jackson first met with me in my adult life, it was at his own bequest. He desired to arrange a meeting with me to answer questions he thought I had about a number of things.

The primary topic of the meeting, being that I was from a number of powerful bloodline lineages, was to tie my family’s prestige back into his own mystical past, and to make it appear to me, as though he shared in our historical nobility through another bloodline of kings.

He went into some great detail of how he was a top CIA covert operative, a grand master of the Knights of Malta, and the Special Attorney to the S.G. Sta. Romana Estate.

As evidence he provided me a photograph of himself surrounded by what he claimed were his fellow Knights of Malta, and told me there were more including one which depicted him in a room full of gold with the other Knights.

I bought into it at first, and accepted it plausible, but throughout the years I knew him it was always in the back of my mind, and always nagged me.

Being raised in a powerful family and having been acquainted with wealthy and powerful men and women all of my life, I knew how they acted, how their presented themselves, their bearing and the sense of immediate understanding one felt towards the other, with no special introductions being necessary.

I also knew full well, that among the old money, one NEVER discusses money. Especially on the first date. That is just downright distasteful.

I never had that connection with Kenneth D. Jackson, or his family. No matter how hard they tried, they never passed themselves off as legitimate nobility, nor did they understand the unspoken etiquette of the bloodline families.

There is a secret language, which is not taught, but which is understood as one is raised in the environment. It is a language that is shared universally among the elite, one which is not recorded in any book or reported in any story perhaps until now, only in mentioning it.

Kenneth Jackson and the Jackson family did not possess that language, and I never felt that sense of underlying brotherhood with him. They were able to mimic power and status and wealth in outward appearance and in carefully spoken words, given the right environment, but they were never able to pass the unspoken litmus test.

It was this feeling of underlying deception that stayed with me throughout my time in the cult, and was perhaps the only part of me that remained incorruptible over those several years. I found myself always drifting back to it, and to his claims and the photograph.

Others were intimidated by it, but most of them did not even understand what he was telling them,, what the Knights were, or what he was trying to convey. They saw the photograph and the stories as power, and I acquired a copy of it, which I have retained until now, and which I have finally launched an investigation into.

Now, with my investigation nearly complete, let me put yet another myth of Kenneth D. Jackson to rest. He is neither a noble, nor a Knight of Malta. He never was, and never will be. His blood will never allow it.

So you might ask, “What was in the photograph? Who were those people?”

I would answer that “Like everyone and everything else that Kenneth Jackson participated in, they were frauds.”

Perhaps Kenneth was himself fooled by this group, and was merely a victim of his own ego, but I doubt it. It is more likely that we was a co-conspirator and that he profited in some way.

The Knights of Malta of which Kenneth D. Jackson was an alleged member was in fact nothing more than a modern incorporated fraud. The order falls into a category called “Self-Styled Chivalric Orders” which are essentially modern reproductions and forgeries of true noble and patroned Knights Orders of the old world and which often adopt the name, badge and history of an internationally recognized Order of Chivalry.

The Knights of Malta, due to its broad international recognition and great reputation of charity and wealth, are perhaps the most forged of these Orders and especially in the U.S., they are able to operate with a great deal more impunity than in the European nations.

“Despite the fact that generations of impoverished Europeans bearing both genuine and false titles have come to the United States and Canada to improve their fortunes with nothing other than their social pretensions to assist them, Americans seem peculiarly susceptible to accepting the most bizarre and unfounded claims by pseudo-princes and dukes whose claims to such titles could be verified in most major reference libraries. The three American Associations of the Sovereign Military Order, the Priory in the United States of the Most Venerable Order, and the American branch of the Johanniter Order are all administered by Americans, not by European nobles, and the personal qualities required for membership do not include a claim to a European noble title. Membership in the Sovereign or Alliance Orders of Saint John is given primarily on the basis of individual distinction and imposes an obligation to serve the humanitarian aims of the Order. It is unfortunate that those whose qualities may not commend them to the legitimate Orders should seek to establish or join groups whose principle activity is arranging exotic ceremonies when the participants can dress up in uniforms and medals.

The first of these frauds was perpetrated in the U.S. occurred in 1908 when a man by the name of William Lamb, claiming to be a descendant General Ivan Lamb who was allegedly received into the Russian Grand Priory by Czar Paul, established his own Order under false pretenses at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York, titling it Grand Priory of America of the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem. This organization which lasted a number of years, would eventually give rise to a number of copycat frauds.

Another fraudulent Order arose in 1910, this time adopting the title Association of the Knights of Malta also coined as Association of the Sovereign Order of St. John of Jerusalem which claimed a number of noble roots and which lasted much longer and which in 1953 changed its name to Sovereign Order of Saint John, Inc. and relocated its headquarters to Pennsylvania. The leader of this order, Charles Louis Thourot-Pichol, an eccentric, also founded other strange orders such as the Galactic Powers Task Force and the Maltese Cross Legionaries’, who were tasked with stopping an alleged conspiracy between the Vatican and Malta to hand the island over to the Soviets.

And so history continued with fraudulent factions branching off from other fraudulent factions, and with many of them being disgraced through federal judicial actions and financial frauds until we come to a corporation, founded in 1964 and titled “Sovereign Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta-O.S.J. Inc.” who’s defectors gave rise to other orders, namely the self styled order created by Basilio Petrucci, “Prince of Vacona and Sienna.”

He [Petrucci] died in 1977 when his son, Arnaldo, apparently adopted his father's claims and pseudo-titles. [46] The Petrucci "princes" pretend that their ancestor was accorded the hereditary Grand Magistery of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem by Grand Master de la Cassière in 1581, a concession which the Grand Master could not in any case have legally made and the claim to which is unsupported by any contemporary documentary evidence. Petrucci's Order has also issued "passports" and established its own "Consular Corps" and "Diplomatic Service", profiting as much from the distribution of these passports (valueless as international travel documents) as pseudo-knighthoods. The dubious nature of the Petrucci group's claims can be demonstrated by the exposure of one definite forgery; a purported papal document supposedly issued by Pope Leo XIII and naming "principe Vincenzo Petrucci di Vacone gran priore magistrale dinastico per se e per tutti i discendenti con diritto di creare un ordine unico di cavalieri di Malta non nobiliare...", dated 25 December 1879; in a letter from the Secret Archives of the Vatican dated 12 February 1980 addressed to H.E. Christopher de Kallay, Ambassador of the SMHOM to the Vatican, this was denounced as a falsification. [47] Among the Petrucci recruits was the sometime financier, Giancarlo Parretti, who is rumored to have paid as much as half a million dollars for the dubious honor of knighthood in Petrucci's "Order". Somehow Petrucci tried to get involved in Parretti's deal to buy MGM but he was unable to help the unfortunate financier who ultimately lost control of the studio.

False Orders such as Petrucci’s were ultimately little more than financial scams, which would charge great deals of money for membership, ceremonies, titles etc., by extorting members with promises of said titles under the false pretense that they actually had the authority to grant them.
Petrucci even went so far as to offer President Ronald Reagan honorary knighthood within the order, a proposal which the White House took so seriously that is called upon the CIA to thoroughly investigate the order, resulting in great embarrassment to both the administration and the order when it was revealed that the organization was not connected to the genuine Order of Malta.

Finally we come across a record of great interest, as recorded in “The Self Styled Orders of Saint John” by Guy Stair Sainty.

In 1999, this author learnt of further activities of Petrucci and his associates, this time apparently financed by Mr C. David Hallman, CDH & Affiliates, 160 Carnegie Place, Fayetteville, Georgia 30214. Although Mr Hallman was advised of Petrucci's history, he did not apparently choose to loosen his ties, having been "knighted" by the peripatetic "prince". Hallman has now proved to be one of the most active of those engaged in dubious financial activities and has been pursued by the angry creditors from Canada, Ohio and Argentina, all alleging massive fraud. The owner of an air charter company in Canada informed this writer that the company was collaborating with the criminal division of the US Customs, and that large sums of cash were taken in her plane by Mr Hallman to Benin, where following some arrangement there, it was invested in off shore real estate rather than given to the sick and needy.

Although the dubious history of false orders of Malta continues to this day, and which branch into dowzens of organizations claiming hereditary titles and false affiliations, we will stop here and leave the rest of that history to Mr. Sainty and his volumous body of work and research on the subject, as well as those others who have attempted to chronicle these groups.

Our investigation ends with Mr. Cecil David Hallman.

Now we turn to the photograph, which I have retained, by which Mr. Kenneth D. Jackson makes so many boastful claims. It is titled:

“Dr. K.D. Jackson Apostle/ Int’l CEO of ICEE/ 1BLOOD Int’l Introduces Distinguished Delegation from the former Soviet Georgia to the Knights of Malta”

Listed in the photo are the following names:

Dr. Timur Alasaniya – Diplomat & Sec. UN Disarmament Commission
Mr. W.C. Starling – Dir. Construction Development, 1BLOOD Int’l
Atty. Rindy “Mickey” Cobb – Frmr. U.S. Dpty Attorney General
Sir. C. David Hallman – Pres. Council of Ministers, Knights of Malta
Atty. Frank Cody – Knights of Malta Council & 45-year Practicing Attorney
Dr. George Kiadii – Liberian Ambassador-at-Large
Mr. Clifton McCaleb – Dir. W. Africa Missions Support, 1BLOOD Int’l
Dr. George Shanidze – Co/Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Georgia / American Ventures
Mr. Lasha Ishkhneli – Head of Int’l Relations Dept., Strategic Planning & Int’l Negotiations
(1BLOOD Int’l is the Exclusive Representative to the United States for the Delegation’s National Development Opportunities)

Lets briefly go over a few of these names and see what a cursory search reveals to us.

Dr. Timur Alasaniya- He is correctly listed here, and is in fact a diplomat from Georgia. However, his corruption is legendary as is that of his family, by abusing his power to grow wealthy. He was central in the Russian occupation of Georgia several years ago and the Asian Times reported this

The Georgian political opposition at home, and in exile abroad, agrees. They charge the president and his family, including the powerful Timur Alasaniya, Saakashvili's uncle, of growing corruptly rich off the arms trade and of seizing the country's resource, port and trading concessions for themselves and their supporters. Alasaniya, brother to Saakashvili's mother, holds the official position of Georgian representative to a United Nations Commission on Disarmament in New York (no relation to Irakly Alasaniya, Georgia's ambassador to the United Nations).

Mr. W.C. Starling – Nothing can be found on him as we have only his initials and a 1BLOOD created title for him. We do not know where is is from, or what any legitimate titles may have been.

Atty. Rindy “Mickey” Cobb - This is a tricky one. No such person exists by the name Rindy Cobb, although a similar search pulls up a Rodney A. “Mickey” Cobb of what appears to be a very dubious looking website for a law firm called Cobb&Hyre and which, based on the website, appears to be a very poorly and unprofessional looking group. The site claims that this Rodney Cobb was a Special Assistant District Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia from 1972-1973, but this short tenure, as well as a great lack of records of him, call this claim into serious question. Moreso, his “firm” claims to be a “Partnership of Corporations.” Based on my wide range of investigations, and a good deal of experience examining frauds and fraudulent companies, my spider senses are tingling. The website, the description of the company itself, and the lack of any references to it outside of its own website, give it the outward appearance of a classic shell corporation, such as those operated by the late scam artists, the DiBruno family. I can offer no solid evidence to support it, yet I see no solid cursory evidence supporting his claims either.

Sir. C. David Hallman – At last we come to the subject of my above rehashing of fraudulent orders of the Knights of Malta. Cecil David Hallman (no “sir” as he was never knighted) was a corrupt financial swindler under Petrucci’s false order, who has been engaged in numerous underhanded dealings.

In 2004, Hallman was taken down by the Securities and Exchange Commision for his scams, and the true nature of his “Knights of Malta” organization was legally revealed.

This paragraph is taken directly from the case files of the SEC:

“The Division of Enforcement filed a Motion and Memo Of Law In Support Of Order Making Findings and Imposing Sanctions By Default ("Motion") on May 28, 2004. The Motion has four attachments: Exhibit 1 is an Order by U.S. District Judge, Jack T. Camp, in SEC v. CDH & Affiliates, Inc., Civil Action File No. 3:02-CV-17-JTC (N.D. Ga.), issued October 23, 2003; Exhibit 2 is the Commission's Complaint For Injunctive Relief, filed February 25, 2002; Exhibit 3 is the Final Judgment of Permanent Injunction, entered April 1, 2004; and Exhibit 4 is a letter from The Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Federal Association, popularly called the Knights of Malta, stating that Cecil David "Bear" Hallman is not now, and has never been, a member.”

From September 1997 through at least June 1999, Respondents engaged in the business of effecting transactions in securities and fraudulently raised more that $2.2 million in transaction-related fees from at least twenty-seven customers, purportedly to prepare corporate bond offerings for those customers and then to sell those bonds for the customers. In an effort to avoid detection of their scheme, Respondents, until at least July 2001, continually told their victims that their bond issues would be funded and made other misrepresentations to encourage the victims to believe that funding was imminent.

CDH never sold bonds for any customer and the risk-free high-yield investment program that Respondents described to investors did not exist. Respondent Hallman made numerous misrepresentations to his victims, including false claims that some victims' bonds had been successfully sold, that bond sales were imminent and that the proceeds of the bond sales would be invested in a high-yield investment program that would pay thirty to forty percent every ten days. Based on these activities, Respondents violated Sections 10(b) and 15(a) of the Exchange Act and Rule 10b-5 thereunder.

…The district court also found that Respondent Hallman represented CDH in its contractual dealings with over ninety clients who paid Respondents over eleven million dollars for various high yield investment programs in bonds that never existed…

The federal judge concluded the hearings by ruling:

I GRANT the Motion and ORDER that C. David Hallman and CDH & Affiliates, Inc., are barred from associating with any broker, dealer, or investment adviser pursuant to Section 15(b) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and Section 203(f) of the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

In 2006, in a scam involving the DiBruno family, Hallman used his fraudulent Order to defraud investors by perpetrating the following lies:

-The Knights of Malta, Order of St. John, doing business as Gold International,
Inc., of Roswell, New Mexico, as represented by Sir C. David Hallman, Finance
Minister of the Knights of Malta, controlled certain mineral rights on government
land in New Mexico; and

-The gold deposits controlled by the Knights of Malta had been assayed by the
Crawford Company, as certified by a report dated March 20, 2001; and

-The Knights of Malta wanted a seat at the United Nations that DiBruno SR had
the contacts to be able to arrange; and

-A deal had been struck between the DiBrunos and the Knights of Malta whereby
DBM would have the rights to mine the gold in exchange for certain sums of
money, and DiBruno SR’s assistance with respect to the United Nations; and

- Lloyds of London had issued an insurance policy guaranteeing the value of the
mine to be no less than five hundred million dollars [$500,000.000].

In the same year Hallman was sentenced in Manhattan federal court to 63 months’ imprisonment for defrauding numerous individuals out of more than$10 million dollars. Hallman pleaded guilty to conspiracy and wire fraud charges on September 21, 2005. In his plea, he admitted that he and his co-conspirators falsely represented themselves as able to obtain financing for victims’ business and humanitarian projects, and required victims to pay advance fees for those services. Hallman and his co-conspirators instead kept the fees and did not provide the promised financing.

Dr. George Kiadii – Wikipedia says this:

Rev. George Momodu Kiadii is a Liberian politician and Christian Minister. He ran for President of Liberia in 2005 as a member of the National Vision Party of Liberia (NATVIPOL).
Kiadii was at various times both a leader in the anti-Charles Taylor expatriate movement in the United States and Taylor's Ambassador at-large in charge of wooing investors to the country.[1]
Running as the NATVIPOL presidential candidate in the 11 October 2005 elections, Kiadii placed 20th out of 22 candidates, receiving 0.4% of the vote.
Furthermore, Dr. Kiadii became an employ of Kenneth D. Jackson, according to himself, and later stole a great deal of money from his safe in Liberia, as well as agricultural equipment. None of this can be verified.

To conclude this article on Mr. Kenneth D. Jackson of the cult Sovereign Church of ‘ELOHIYM International and 1BLOOD International ( SCEI-1BLOOD ) it becomes increasingly clear that the further one looks into his history and affiliations, the more lies, frauds, deceptions and secrets one finds.

Kenneth D. Jackson has never been and never will be a member of the genuine Order of the Knights of Malta, or any other genuine Order of Chivalry, because, quite frankly, he is not chivalrous, comes from a common bloodline with no royal entitlements, and above all, is a thoroughly dishonest and tasteless man who surrounds himself with thieves, liars, swindlers and snakes.

He uses false titles and false history to claim honor that is not his, and uses manipulation and deception to steal from those who trust him and to take from those willing to give.

In the end, whereas the Order of the Knights of Malta are devoted to humanitarianism, the dispersal of wealth for the poor and the protection of the weak, Mr. Kenneth D. Jackson represents the very opposite of their ideals.