Georgia cult SCEI-1BLOOD posts ominous security announcement on its website

The Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM has issued a drawn out security bulletin detailing an alleged conspiracy to steal church archives in order to further censor and intimidate the SCEI-1BLOOD Cult Watch, its author and other cult survivors.

The notice states that our motive is to " to impersonate and do harm to the good name and reputation of the Church."

It further states that, " Internal investigations and evidence recovered from the internet by our investigators have confirmed these suspicions."

In classic cult faction they have issued an itemized list of  "Key Elements of their [conspirators]  organizational identity theft scheme" which includes:

Known key elements of their organizational identity theft scheme at this point involve:
  • A domain name similar to the Church’s own internationally-known name
  • A Facebook impostor account
  • A Blogspot impostor user account
  • Multiple video sharing websites
  • Posting of personal information about church members

The notice ends with the following message:
 "We want you to know that we are working to identify and repair the damage intended to our good name and reputation by the inexcusable acts of persons we trusted with our sensitive information.
We encourage the public to contact us at this time, or to alert us with any concerns about suspected fraudulent or suspicious activity involving:

Please contact us at the email address below: "
-See original notice here 

The message creates more confusion as the cult already knows most of the persons involved.

This entire message seems more like a propaganda piece designed to spin reports of corruption scandals off as a defamation campaign by a bunch of disgruntled cyber terrorists. 

Legitimate investigative reports and evidence of corruption and crimes are being marked off as an elaborate plot to besmirch the good name of GOD's "One True Church."

This security announcement comes from Iyel Bey, the so called "Independent Investigative Journalist" who also claims to be an authorized agent of SCEI-1BLOOD with titles, who states that the message. has been "approved for posting by: Apostle Dr. K. D. Jackson, Sr.," still using illegal titles of education.