OPINION: Did Twiggs County Sheriff Darren Mitchum turn a blind eye to the cult SCEI-1BLOOD? We don't think so.

Since the foundation of NoMore1BLOOD Cultwatch we have repeatedly heard allegations and suspicions of local county corruption and potential bribery of the Twiggs County Sheriff Department.

Because the question has been repeatedly asked we have decided to post our findings to date.

Despite a one time photo shoot orchestrated by SCEI-1BLOOD International we have neither seen or heard any conclusive evidence that would confirm or deny these allegations.

In defense of the Twiggs County government, no special concessions have been made for SCEI-1BLOOD member Andres Rivera-Fuentes who is currently incarcerated at Twiggs County LEC as might be expected in a corrupt department.

Additionally the department has- at least in public- maintained an unbiased and objective stance on both SCEI-1BLOOD and NoMore1BLOOD members and has demonstrated responsibility in enforcing the law within its given authority based on evidence and due process.

The primary concern giving rise to suspicions of complacency by the TCSD has been the evidently slow process of investigations and what could appear to be a lack of urgency in solving crimes or investigating them.

We are of the opinion that this- while frustrating- has shown to be evidence of a "slow to assume" mentality and could also be counted as a positive trait.

Despite several long, frustrating investigations the Twiggs Coutny Sheriff Department has restrained itself to the more conservative definition of "due process," by performing low profile, thoroughly comprehensive investigations and evidence gathering, evaluation and determinations with a heavy consciousness towards every citizens civil liberties and rights and a general hesitancy to make arrests without substantial evidence.

While this form of law enforcement may often seem antiquated and outdated in today's ultra-liberal police society which favors an immediate presumption of guilt, we believe that the record has shown that the end merits of the Darren Mitchum administrations style of investigation  are ultimately apparent in the quality and thoroughness of evidence gathered and the successful prosecutions of true criminals- as well as creating less likelihood of reversals or unjust incarceration of the innocent.

For those who say Twiggs County could have done better, we might add that they could also have done alot worse.