A site dedicated to the sharing of information and public discussion about the bible-based cult in Macon, Georgia known as Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM, International and 1BLOOD International (SCEI-1BLOOD)

Hello world, and welcome to No More 1BLOOD! Whether you are a former victim of the cult, a concerned Twiggs County or Macon resident, or just curious about this "embassy down in Macon" we are here to provide as much information as possible, as well as to disarm the SCEI-1BLOOD propaganda ministry by showing the REAL videos, pictures, audio clips and documents obtained through our agents inside the group as well as through our personal files gained during our time in the cult. Including a step by step walk-through of Kenneth Jackson's false prophecies over the years as well as hypocrisies, scriptural fallacies and a full debunking of the SCEI propaganda film "A Closer Look: 1BLOOD."

Before we begin populating the site, let us start by answering a few of the most common asked questions we receive about Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM and its outreach program 1BLOOD. 

1.) What is SCEI-1BLOOD International? 

SCEI-1BLOOD International is a combination of the "church" Sovereign Church of ELOHIYM and its outreach program 1BLOOD. SCEI, a bible-based cult created by the enigmatic and charismatic leader Kenneth D. Jackson, Sr., and based on the teachings of the former mega-cult leader Herbert W. Armstrong and his church Worldwide Church of God.  The cult operates out of a fenced compound in Macon, Georgia off of Sgoda Road called Miracle Manor, which it claims to be a sort of embassy headquarters for a non-existent kingdom. It is however a trailer park built on top of a former junkyard which houses only the most fanatic of its members. The cult teaches a strict form of Old Testament Law which is bent and shaped according to the wild interpretations of Kenneth Sr., which encourages its members to seclude themselves from the outside world, requires absolute submission to Kenneth Sr. and his son Kenneth "Smoke" Jackson, Jr., as literal ambassadors of GOD and end time prophets and Apostle of the One True Church, which he claims to be headquartered in his trailer park compound. 

The outreach program 1BLOOD is merely an operational arm of the cult used as a front for its asset holdings and allegedly as a means of funneling its members money into Kenneths own pockets. He uses the program to fein diplomatic legitimacy with 3rd world dictatorships and puppet governors which he uses to grant him additional titles which are all but useless outside of the region. Despite his vast and wild claims, he is NOT recognized as either a diplomat, ambassador or legitimate parliamentarian by any Western Nations, the UN or its subsidiaries, or any other legitimate sovereign nation. 1BLOOD claims to operate massive rice farms in Liberia and Sierra Leone, but research has uncovered that very little of his stated farms are in fact his, and that the reality on the ground is quite different than he claims. He also claims to be a hereditary king of West Africa, a claim which grants him no legitimacy, as his decendency is shared with many others that might make the same claim. Through the funneling of millions of dollars of his wealthy members into the region he has gained a cult following in the region that worships him as a king and a god, a situation which has gone to his head and caused him to begin dressing in royal african garments, and gold rings and a crown, even in the US.  We will discuss 1BLOOD in more detail later.

2.) I thought Kenneth D. Jackson, Sr. was a Doctor? Isn't he called Dr. Jackson?

Yes he CALLS HIMSELF Dr. Jackson, but no our research has been unable to provide any accredited university of institution that will confirm granting him a Doctorate in any capacity. He claims to have a received his B.S., M.S., and PhD in nutrition from Donsbach University, but Donsbach University was never a university at all. It was an unaccredited school and a scam operated by the late "Dr." Kurt Donsbach who was involved in legal scandals and criminal prosecutions continually throughout the remainder of his lifetime regarding both scams and scandals in his schools and medicinal fraud that landed him in prison. To have studied under Dr. Donsbach is hardly noble or anything to be proud of. Most of his "students" are ashamed of the distinction, and many have faced criminal indictment for using their PhD titles, since they are illegally obtained. In the majority of the U.S., calling yourself "Dr." in a professional capacity based on a diploma from this institution is a criminal offense.  Kenneth also claims a Masters / PhD in Business Marketing from American Century University, another unaccredited school and diploma mill which changed its name to avoid scandal regarding its unaccredited programs and the ease in which "students" can receive "diplomas" by simply paying a mail in fee.Both Donsbach University and American Century University are heavily documented online, and anyone with simple Google knowledge can quickly dispel any notion that "Dr." Kenneth D. Jackson is in fact a fraudulent title, unearned and undeserved. His use of the title is disrespectful and dishonors all those who have actually earned them through accredited university programs.

3.) What is the structure of SCEI-1BLOOD?

SCEI-1BLOOD International is structured as a pyramid scheme. The entire operation is a family enterprise, maintaing all operational power within the Jackson family. It falsely models itself in the image of the True Church of Christ, as made up by his ecclesiastical priesthood in the New Testament, but in fact simply uses titles to further bring worship to Kenneth Sr. and Smoke, his son. Kenneth Sr. heads the organization under the title of Apostle and King. Second in command is his son Smoke who is Pastor General and Prince, although he has recently elevated himself to the rank of Bishop, a Roman priesthood that really makes no difference. This is a family in which titles and honors are EVERYTHING, so they are constantly devising new grand titles for themselves and promoting themselves through the ranks of there own creation. Under Smoke is JoAnne Jackson, Kenneth D.'s wife and Smokes mother. She is Minister (although she probably has some senior title like "chief minister or "supreme minister" or some garbage to distinguish herself from any other ministers who do not bear the Jackson surname. Beneath these three are other titles and offices which change like the wind and which bear no operational relevance in terms of authority. The Jacksons do not share power, they covet it above all else. Operationally, 1BLOOD functions more like a corporation with Kenneth Sr. as the CEO. The organizational structure beneath him is unclear as it has been constantly plagued with corruption, embezzlement and betrayal by its most trusted senior officials. The top brass are a constantly shifting parade of strange names.

4.) You call SCEI-1BLOOD a cult, but they claim to be GODs True Church! Why do you call them a cult and what makes you think they are not GOD's True Church?

The answer to this is simple. Because it is a cult. Let us keep in mind that we are not discussing God's true church here.  The True Church of Christ is composed of His Body around the world, and it answers to no corporate or governmental structure, official title nor does it have a physical headquarters or earthly head of state. We are discussing a man and his organization, having usurped the very name of the Most High GOD and Blaspheming HIS Holy Temple, deceiving the very Elect in the process through his performance of signs and wonders. Kenneth Jackson is a shadow caster and a man of illusions, but he wields no spiritual authority as evident by his inability to maintain even the health and well being of his own self and family. He frequently loves telling tales of the black magicians and illusionists he encounters in West Africa and loves to brag endlessly in log rambling speeches about his own superior powers over these demons and witches, warning his followers of the time of magic and mystery soon to come to America. While I do not dispute this, I certainly do dispute that his power is granted him by GOD. The Most High says: 
Revelation 16:13-15
Amplified Bible (AMP)
13 And I saw three loathsome spirits like frogs, [leaping] from the mouth of the dragon and from the mouth of the beast and from the mouth of the false prophet.
14 For really they are the spirits of demons that perform signs (wonders, miracles). And they go forth to the rulers and leaders all over the world, to gather them together for war on the great day of God the Almighty.
15 Behold, I am going to come like a thief! Blessed (happy, [a]to be envied) is he who stays awake (alert) and who guards his clothes, so that he may not be naked and [have the shame of being] seen exposed!

Why is Kenneth Sr. so obsessed with reaching out to world leaders, influencing heads of state and structuring his organization after the Vatican? In my humble opinion it is because he is simply like the other false Christ's in the world, setting up their images after the likeness of the first Beast. For anyone who has spent time with Kenneth and witnessed the inner workings of his group, this definition fits him like a glove. Humility is as foreign a concept to him as are grace and dignity. Whereas Christ came not to ramble on about his own titles and official capacities, nor to brag of his great influence or special abilities, but to serve the meek and the humble, without concern for himself or his physical family. The Jacksons embody the very opposite of these characteristics, setting up for themselves a kingdom on earth, built upon the sweat and tears of GOD's true saints, whom they have enslaved through their fervent desires to honor God. This is the purest form of Anti-Christ.
As we begin to populate this site with video and audio you will begin to hear the disgusting and immodest bragging and self glorification of Kenneth Sr., and with just a cursory understanding of Revelation most of you will be able to clearly identify his role on the end-time stage.

What makes SCEI-1BLOOD a bible-based cult and not another Christian church?

Well first lets look at the most common definitions and characteristics of a cult. These vary somewhat but a quick Google search will provide the following as the most common and central definitions and characteristics of a cult on most of the main cult support groups and websites. The following is borrowed from

Some have difficulty identifying a cult because it is not so easy to identify one that is not even religious. For this reason, over the years, different definitions of what actually is a cult have developed to make it easier when you know little about their beliefs.

The different definitions:


CULT - From the Latin "cultis" which denotes all that is involved in worship, ritual, emotion, liturgy and attitude. This definition actually denotes what we call denominations and sects and would make all religious movements a cult.


CULT - Any group which deviates from Biblical, orthodox, historical Christianity. e.i. They deny the Deity of Christ; His physical resurrection; His personal and physical return to earth and salvation by FAITH alone.
This definition only covers those groups which are cults within the Christian religion. It does not cover cults within other world religions such as Islam and Hinduism. Nor does it cover Psychological, Commercial or Educational cults which do not recognize the Bible as a source of reality.

UNIVERSAL DEFINITION (This is the one pertinent to SCEI-1BLOOD)

CULT - Any group which has a pyramid type authoritarian leadership structure with all teaching and guidance coming from the person/persons at the top. (Kenneth Sr., Kenneth Jr., Joanne Jackson, Keoka, etc)

The group will claim to be the only way to God; Nirvana; Paradise; Ultimate Reality; Full Potential, Way to Happiness etc, and will use thought reform or mind control techniques to gain control and keep their members. (Kenneth claims to be the only living Apostle of GOD and the head of HIS international congregation. He also claims to be the ONLY one who receives the mysteries of the Kingdom of GOD and believes that he is charged with writing the final chapters of the Book of Acts)

This definition covers cults within all major world religions, along with those cults which have no OBVIOUS religious base such as commercial, educational and psychological cults. Others may define these a little differently, but this is the simplest to work from. THE 'ORTHODOX BIBLE-BASED CULT'

A group is called a cult because of their behaviour - not their doctrines. Doctrine is an issue in the area of Apologetics and Heresy. Most religious cults do teach what the Christian church would declare to be heresy but some do not. Some cults teach the basics of the Christian faith but have behavioral patterns that are abusive, controlling and cultic.

This occurs in both Non-Charismatic and Charismatic churches. These groups teach the central doctrines of the Christian faith and then add the extra authority of leadership or someone's particular writings. They centre around the interpretations of the leadership and submissive and unquestioning acceptance of these is essential to be a member of good standing. This acceptance includes what we consider non-essential doctrines e.i. not salvation issues (such as the Person and Work of Christ.) The key is that they will be using mind control or undue influence on their members.
An excellent book on this subject is "Churches that Abuse" by Dr Ronald Enroth.
Using these guidelines of definition, Bible-based, Psychological, Educational and Commercial aberrations can easily be identified.


(a) The group will have an ELITIST view of itself in relation to others, and a UNIQUE CAUSE. e.i. THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES RIGHT - everyone else is wrong. THEY ARE THE ONLY ONES DOING GOD'S WILL - everyone else is in apostasy.(Kenneth Sr. claims that HIS Church is the end time Church of Laodecia, and the only group currently in the world that is recieving up to date prophetic visions and divine interpretations of the Scriptures as written and defined by Kenneth Sr. himself.)
(b) They will promote their cause actively, and in doing so, abuse God-given personal rights and freedoms. This abuse can be THEOLOGICAL, SPIRITUAL, SOCIAL & PSYCHOLOGICAL. (1BLOOD International was founded for the purpose of acting as the Work of the Church and the outreach ministry of SCEI. This organization poses as an NGO and uses wealthy members finances to secure lands and compounds, control food production, buy out local industries for 1BLOOD profit, and takes credit for the labor and work of 3rd world natives in order to promote its world view. It uses the control of food to force service of natives and even Western congregations, compelling them to become baptized at which point they must undergo radical changes in order to submit to the administration of the church and its leaders, to fanatically protect the administration as well as using "counseling" sessions within familiy members to create discord and conflicts between families, social groups and cliques. Members are required to cut ties with families and friends outside of the church, ostracize neighbors and work associates and devote themselves to servitude to the ministry.)


  1. Their leader/s may claim a special, exclusive ministry, revelation or position of authority given by God. Kenneth claims to be the head of the One True Church of GOD, and the single Apostle of Christ with divine access to GOD and HIS divine interpretations of scriptures and doctrines.
  2. They believe they are the only true church and take a critical stance regarding the Christian church while at the same time praising and exalting their own group, leader/s and work. Again, SCEI claims to be the One True Church of GOD and the spiritual headquarters of GODs True and Faithful Elect. He praises his group and encourages them to adopt the viewpoint of being special. He teaches that the Christian Churches are either the Babylonian Mystery Religion or the scattered daughters of Christs True Church, but void of din=vine guidance and up to date understanding of the scriptures.
  3. They use intimidation or psychological manipulation to keep members loyal to their ranks. This could be in the form of threats of dire calamity sent by God if they leave; certain death at Armageddon; being shunned by their family and friends etc. This is a vital part of the mind control process.This is central to SCEI-1BLOOD mind control. Kenneth Sr. and Smoke Jackson use Sabbath services and counseling sessions to repeatedly warn members that any questioning of Kenneths doctrines are Satanically inspired and that any slip ups, including mental questioning of doctrines result in the "shield of protection" being lifted from the members leaving them open to physical attacks by Satan and eventually death. They also use threat of divine consequences to enforce group adherence to herbal and homeopathic medicines and experimental drugs, as well as to threaten them against revealing any of the teachings of the church to outsiders. Threats include physical illness, exposure to criminal acts, indwelling and torment by Satan and his demons, loss of financial stability and death. Offenses are punished through group shunning, suspensions and expulsions during which the victim is treated to shame and humiliation by the group.
  4. Members will be expected to give substantial financial support to the group. This could be compulsory tithing (which is checked); signing over all their property on entering the group; coercive methods of instilling guilt on those who have not contributed; selling magazines, flowers or other goods for the group as part of their "ministry". The Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM demands that three tithes be given in addition to offerings. A first tithe of ten percent, a second tithe of ten percent and a third tithe of ten percent. In addition to this 30 percent, its loyal members are also encouraged and expected to tithe of there time through free labor and service to the church, offerings during Holy Days and special events and other freewill offerings.
  5. At the same time bible-based cults may ridicule churches that take up free-will offerings by passing collection plates and/or sell literature and tapes. They usually brag that they don't do this. This gives outsiders the intimation that they are not interested in money. This is a perfect definition of SCEI. During each offering day, one of the cult speakers read a speech that says "You will notice that we do not pass around offering plates for the purpose of collecting tithes" and then goes on to explain why you should still give money since its a high holy day. You are then required to make your offering only if it is in an envelope with your name and the date printed on it so that the administration can monitor who is and isn't giving (and for the purpose of providing tax-writeoffs)
  6. There will be great emphasis on loyalty to the group and its teachings. The lives of members will be totally absorbed into the group's activities. They will have little or no time to think for themselves because of physical and emotional exhaustion. This is also a vital part of the mind control process. Each group gathering is an endless repetition of the importance of adherence to SCEI-1BLOOD doctrines and policies, Sabbath observances and spiritual enlightenment programs. They continuously place out calls to the group for physical labor and service to the administration and its compound, while promoting guilt trips to those who do not give or serve enough by saying cryptic things like "you know who you are" and "to whom much is given much shall be required." Loyal members eventually give up their jobs and financial security to live and work on the compound full time.
  7. There will be total control over almost all aspects of the private lives of members. This control can be direct through communal living, or constant and repetitious teaching on "how to be a true Christian" or "being obedient to leadership". Members will look to their leaders for guidance in everything they do. Members are instilled with paralysing fear of mistepping or disrespecting administration. They are counseled on every aspect of there lives from diet and excercise, which family members should be associated with, which social groups members can associate with, what jobs they should have, what car is best to drive, which color clothing is best to wear, and even words that can and cant be used. As a result members regularly wait weeks for counseling on even mundane daily decisions that should require no great though or concern.
  8. Bible-based cults may proclaim they have no clergy/laity distinction and no paid ministry class - that they are all equal. This is not true of SCEI. Kenneth Sr. makes a constant distinction between himself and his inferiors, and encourages the group to look towards church administration as the literal mouthpieces of GOD Himself. Although he does claim to be a "reluctant hero" "sacrificing his time and efforts in dirtholes around the world for the benefit of his 'children'" all while treating himself to limo rides, first class plane tickets, private security teams, hotel suites, shopping binges and first class catering including everything from foot rubs and back massages from members wives to having his toenails cleaned.
  9. Any dissent or questioning of the group's teachings is discouraged. Criticism in any form is seen as rebellion. There will be an emphasis on authority, unquestioning obedience and submission. This is vigilantly maintained. SCEI-1BLOOD is fanatical about its teachings and requires absolute submission and obedience to Church Doctrines. members are expected to view Kenneth Sr. as GODs own mouthpiece on earth and to submit to his teachings and instructions without question or contradiction. To question a teaching or doctrine requires immediate correction from the administration through rebuke or shunning including suspension or expulsion. Kenneth Sr. and Jr. are both experts of humiliation and causing members to feel overwhelming guilt and shame for their mistakes. 
  10. Members are required to demonstrate their loyalty to the group in some way. This could be in the form of "dobbing" on fellow members (including family) under the guise of looking out for "spiritual welfare".SCEI Members are told that iron sharpens iron and also that they are their brothers keepers. Members are encouraged to bring concerns regarding other members and their actions to administration in confidentiality, as well as to partake in certain rituals, meetings and extracurricular activities. members are also required to demonstrate obedience through following any and all directives given by administration.
    They may be required to deliberately lie (heavenly deception/theocratic strategy) or give up their lives by refusing some form of medical treatment. Members are regularly told that deception is not inherently evil if it is for the greater good, pointing to things like the parables of Christ which they use as a foundation for diliberately saying one thing while meaning another. Medical establishments such as hospitals are regularly called "places of death" and the "snake on a stick" by administration, which tells its members that modern medicine and FDA approved drugs are a government conspiracy to depopulate the world through disease management instead of elimination and that it is the mandate of the US medical system at large to ultimately kill patients through drugs and surgery. Members are told that GOD heals and that adherence to Church Principles result in divine healing and the maintenance of health and that Kenneth Sr.'s natural medicines and healing methods are superior to Western medicine. However, the churches most dedicated members regularly fall ill and the amount of sickness within the upper echelons of the church are disproportionate to the world at large. Smoke is constantly sick with severe life threatening conditions, and is currently suffering from a bleeding liver as a result of alcoholism and poor diet, Kenneth Sr. is suffering from obesity and heart conditions and his daughter Keoka has been suffering for years from major internal injuries, blood clots and currently problems with her eyes. One of their most loyal servants recently had a stroke, another found she had bone cancer in her leg after being told by Smoke for over a year that it was merely a problem with her posture would be corrected by changing the way she stood, I personally became incredibly obese and began suffering from aural migraines, and the list goes on. Once I left the church, my health became balanced, I returned to a normal size and I am no longer unable to fit in my bathtub.
  11. Attempts to leave or reveal embarrassing facts about the group may be met with threats. Some may have taken oaths of loyalty that involve their lives or have signed a "covenant" and feel threatened by this.Members are told that to leave the church will result in the departure of Holy Spirit, death and eventually damnation in the lake of fire. Some previous members still are traumatized by this, although the majority quickly learned that no shields of protection were lifted, that Holy Spirit was still there and had been prior to baptism in the church and that health actually improves drastically once the church health program has been abandoned for more sensible dietary practices such as balanced meals, avoidance of trash foods and intake of healthy vitamins and minerals. Refugees of the group are usually faced with confrontations by other members with coercion to get them to return to the group.This does not occur with SCEI-1BLOOD to my knowledge. My meetings with previous members have revealed no further enticement by the group. It is our general opinion that admin feels a little bit stupid and shamed to make eye contact with those who have identified them for who they really are. They are content to focus on maintaining the group focus and indoctrinating new members.


1. ABUSE OF INDIVIDUALITY They adopt a "groupness" mentality. They are not permitted to think for themselves apart from the group and only accept what they are told.True of SCEI
2. ABUSE OF INTIMACY Relationships with friends, relatives, spouses, children, parents etc are broken or seriously hampered.True of SCEI. This is central to SCEI strategy of control. They counsel couples with contradicting stories to create suspicion in otherwise normal healthy relationships. For example, one survival couple realized that they were both being told that they should divorce there spouses for other reasons, and that due to the church policy of "protected communication" (never revealing what is revealed in counseling) and it was not until they opened communication between each other and revealed what they were being told that they discovered that they were both being lied to for the purpose of causing divorce. This serves multiple purposes. For one, Kenneth Sr and Smoke covet absolute loyalty and submission, which is usurped in a marriage relationship, there are only a few exceptions where marriage is promoted when both members have proven absolute loyalty to the church regardless of the marriage. Additionally, Smoke has been caught by former members in sexual relations with female members. AP recently announced the addition of his new "daughter" in Africa even though his wife lives in Macon and hasn't been in Africa. Around 90% of the group is composed of divorced members who were married at the time they came to the church.
3. ABUSE OF FINANCES Pressure to give all you can to the group. In non-communal groups, members usually live at the lower socio-economic strata, not because of a lower income level, but because they are always giving money to the group for some reason.True to SCEI. With at least 30% of income going to the church and 30% going to taxes only the wealthiest members can afford to live in relative affluence. Virtually all of the members live in trailer homes.
4. "US VERSUS THEM" MENTALITY Isolation from the community in general. Anyone and everything outside the group is seen as "of the devil" or "unenlightened" etc. Their enemies now include former friends; the Christian church; governments; education systems; the media - the world in general. Those who are involved with these in any way see such involvement as a "means to an end".True of SCEI
5. ABUSE OF TIME AND ENERGY The group controls and uses almost all the members time and energy in group activities. They are usually in a constant state of mental and physical exhaustion.True of SCEI whenever they can get members to commit time. This is a constant struggle as many members still desire to have some level of freedom outside of the church which keeps administration constantly devising new strategies to guilt trip them or make them serve.
6. ABUSE OF FREE WILL They must unquestioning submit to the groups teachings and directions and their own free will is broken. Their "will" actually becomes the groups "will" without their realizing it. This is done either by coercive methods including low protein diets and lack of sleep, or over a period of time through intimidation. Both methods make heavy use of "guilt".True of SCEI


The following are ALL true of virtually all members. I will not expound on them as they are all perfectly stated and apply to SCEI-1BLOOD members without further explanation.

    Relatives will say they no longer recognize the person. From a warm, loving personality will come heaped abuse, rejection and feelings of hate. The cult member sees himself as "righteous" in comparison and this comes across in their attitude toward all outsiders.
    They cannot see themselves as individuals apart from the group. Some even change their name as a rejection of their former life.
    Any time you say anything negative about the group, whether justified or no, it is regarded as "persecution". Any criticism of the individual is also seen as persecution only because they are the "true Christian" or "enlightened" one - not because they, as an individual, have done the wrong thing. However, at the same time they will feel free to criticise whatever you believe, say and do because they are "the only ones who are right".
    They lose their ability to socialize outside the group. This can go so far as to not being able to structure their time or make simple decisions for themselves when they leave. Their world-view alters and they perceive the world through their leaders eyes. They become very naive about life in general.
    They are made to feel guilty of everything they did before entering the group and are to strive to be "good" and "worthy" for "eternal life". Misdemeanors are made into "mountains" so that members are in a constant state of guilt for infringing even the most minor rules. Guilt comes because they aren't doing enough; entertaining doubts or questions; even thinking rationally for oneself. This guilt is piled upon pile with new rules constantly being laid down about what is sinful and what is not. Illness may be seen as lack of faith - more guilt. Emotional illness may be seen as proof of sin in your life - more guilt.


Not all these points will be found in every cult, but all cults will have some if not most of them, although these may vary to some degree.