End of Disclosure

Dear Readers, both friend and foe,

I began this website for out of both a love for those people who have been and are caught up in this cult, as well as out of a determination to do the right thing. Enough people have been used and discarded by SCEI-1BLOOD, including myself and friends, and I am required by law and out of love for country and humanity to report the crimes I was aware of as well as the many questionable and dubious actions we have been able to document.

I knew that until someone stood up and made enough noise and took the fight to the good people in Twiggs County, Macon Georgia and America, these dangerous and immoral cult leaders would continue to victimize people in need, stealing from the weak and melting the gold of the innocent into adornment for their crowns.

This campaign started with no end game plan. My goal was to simply provide information, raise awareness and involvement and ultimately to give the brainwashed innocents within the cult to opportunity to see beyond the veil and to have the right to choose whether once exposed, they would continue to follow the man behind the wizardry, or to leave and regain their lives.

Now, as a result of standing up for injustice, standing up despite fear of assassinations and defamation's, and by providing a window to the real machinery behind the SCEI-1BLOOD monster, the secrets are exposed. We have also provided support through comforting survivors and proving an exit support network to give them confidence to leave and to help where we can.

The iron curtain that has allowed SCEI-1BLOOD to operate in the open has been torn, and the world now sees the defilement of the sanctuary.

Now, things have come to a head.

The public, the law and most members have been made aware of the deception and criminal activities of Kenneth D. Jackson and now see the danger he poses. We have tooted the horn, and the call has been heard.

Now we have done our part, at least in this form, and have brought light to the darkness.

Now, with numerous legal cases going on, official and non- official investigations being conducted, and the serious nature of these cases both criminal and civil, we believe that it is now appropriate for us to back down and allow justice to be served, and for the courts and investigators, as well as the jury's, to not be unduly influenced by further details and evidence not being disclosed to the public through the course of official investigations. 

Our website will provide only the most important of details that are released for the public, as well as to act as a a forum for my own commentaries and opinions. Our role as a news source will continue only as an archive of what has been collected here to date.

Perhaps, once official matters have been duly completed, we may conduct further investigations, but until then, we will wait and watch like all the rest of you, to see what happens.

We do not wish that our website in any way obstruct justice or otherwise add confusion to the process.

We also express our heartfelt sympathy to not only the young victim and her family of the most recent case but also to other families who have been destroyed or damaged, the family of Andres , and yes, even to Andres himself, who although responsible for his choices, was indeed another victim of the Jackson's, and who's mind was truly broken and replaced with the false world constructed by a dangerous and subversive bible based cult.

We ask and prey not only for the justice to be served on the part of the family, we also call upon all involved for forgiveness, and a degree of leniency on behalf of Andres whom I truly do believe was so influenced by the illusion of invincibility and righteousness, that he acted not as he would have in his right mind, but as one driven crazy by promises and power.

Lets not also forget that the suspect has children of his own, who while increasingly being freed of many of the cult's doctrines, also still love their father and would like to see him again, if he can be rehabilitated and not just locked away in a dungeon to be further damaged.

The courts need time now to do their jobs, and the litigants need time now to choose their final positions, as the fall of SCEI-1BLOOD enters its first days. Those who choose to abandon the sinking ship must now make their move, and those who will go down with her must do nothing.

For all of you, and for your own confidence in me:

I, Clayton L Luce, do now, in the presence of the entire world, hereby firmly and in soundness of mind, do state, that all facts and evidence and testimonies given by me through this website and other mediums of information at my disposal are true and accurate to the very best of my ability, and with evidence and documentations that we hold to be true, under penalty of perjury.

I further, under penalty of perjury, do solemnly swear that I never at any time attempted to conspire or engage in any false testimony, false evidence or false story, designed to cause any legal activity under false circumstances, or to otherwise profit from my campaign against the cult. I have at all times, and to the best of my ability, attempted to promote only the truth, to provide information and support to victims, and to otherwise involve myself only in working to promote and support other victims of the cult to stop living in fear and to speak out about crimes committed against them. 

Signed Digitally this day June 7, 2013,

/Clayton L Luce\

So now let us all lick our wounds, prepare for our next actions, let the law run its course, and keep our eyes open for what happens next.

Our sister site www.scei-1blood.me is down for 9 more days until Iyel's bluff time runs out. Once back online, it will also display this message.

We thank you all, and we ask only that you continue to spread the news, support the victims and pray that we have the resolve to handle this thing now, as a society, before people closer to us become the future victims.

You have the facts, world...act on them.