Did “Ambassador Apostle” Kenneth D. Jackson really leave Liberia by choice?

Recent sources directly involved with so called “Apostle” and “Ambassador” Kenneth D. Jackson- a Macon, Georgia homeopathic doctor and church leader who now claims to be a West African King and Ambassador-at-Large of Gambia- have come forward with another side of the Liberia 1BLOOD story.

Previously Jackson established a series of rice farms and agricultural co-ops which he claimed could make West Africa a self-sustainable nation through a form of micro-socialism dictated by Jackson who also claimed to be the single Apostle of God and successor to Worldwide Church of God founder, Herbert W. Armstrong.

Under these programs Jackson convinced local municipalities to agree to commit to massive communal redevelopment programs for no payment besides being able to consume the rice and goods produced on the farms, or purchase them on the market through 1BLOOD stores.

Jackson, who has a history of defrauding western investors, including alleged medical malpractice that may resulted in the premature deaths of several already terminally ill patients, now spends most of his time in Gambia.

According to sources his travel may be restricted at this time due to a desire by U.S. authorities to question him on his alleged “cult” in Macon, Georgia which may extend to an ongoing child molestation case involving senior church members.

According to a protected source in Liberia, Jackson defrauded dozens of laborers who participated in the building of Jackson’s grand Liberian 1BLOOD headquarters compound- a project that Jackson oversaw personally and on which he spared few expenses.

At some point between 2010 and 2011 Jackson appears to have fallen awry of the locals and for some reason suddenly fled the country and has not returned.

Jackson claimed that he had donated all 575 of his premature rice farms and $80+ million and would be immediately closing its Liberian operation and transferring its operation to Gambia.

The locals and those closest to Jackson in Liberia tell a different story however.

According to sources inside of Jackson’s operation the Liberian compound had been seized by the government under alleged “zoning violations.”

“All those structures have been demolished by Liberian government,” said one worker, “The Liberian government and the people were afraid of the structure and the kind of people they see there.”

SCEI-1BLOOD Member and Warlord CooCoo Dennis,
who served under Kenneth D, jackson
Much to the shame of SCEI-1BLOOD's public image, Kenneth D. Jackson was closely affiliated with brutal warlord and reported cannibal General CooCoo Dennis, so named because he was considered crazy and routinely drank the blood of his victims to devour the souls of his victims according to a CNN news report.

CooCoo Dennis was appointed to a top 1BLOOD position before corruption and theft caused Jackson sever ties with him.

Kenneth Jackson's Chief of Security also betrayed Jackson, stealing his car- according to sources on the inside.

Soon after the state demolished the compound and dispersed the remnant of 1BLOOD members left on the premise under grounds of “Road Dualization.”

As we looked through pictures of the Liberian project from 2009 with one of our protected sources he was eager to point out many fine details of craftsmanship and was clearly very proud of the project as were many others.

“He's currently in Gambia and he owes some of us some money and we have not been paid,” he said, “I was appointed to come to Liberia to come and help renovate the premises or building they're using in Liberia and my money still remains with them [him]. He’s not a sincere human being.”