"Making of non effect the Spirit of prophecy, 19th century outdated literature cannot be used for exegesis. Papacy as antichrist is the childhood disease of early Adventism and a relic of Protestantism...she was influenced by the margin of the KJV and we cannot be dictated to by a woman with only three years of education!

We shall encounter false claims; false prophets will arise; there will be false dreams and false visions; but preach the Word, be not drawn away from the voice of GOD in His Word. Let nothing divert the mind! The wonderful! The Marvelous! Both will be represetned and presented! Through Satanic delusions, wonderful miracles, the claims of human agents will be urged! Beware of all this!

Christ has given warning so that none need accept falsehood for truth! The only channel through which the Spirit operates is that of the truth...Our faith and hope are founded, not in feeling, but in God!"

-Walter Veith