Our apologies for downtime and Update on SCEI-1BLOOD

Due to a number of other projects currently in the works and other circumstances beyond our control we have been unable to update the site for 2 days. Regular updates should resume July 6.

We would like to thank our audience and supporters who have grown over 1,000% since JUNE!!!! We had 2,000 unique (brand new) multiple hit visitors in July! Thanks to the broad support ranging from government officials and law enforcement to former cult members, doctors, lawyers and activists the truth about SCEI-1BLOOD (Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM International and 1BLOOD International) has gone viral.

We now have members who are actually approached randomly in public by strangers who recognize us ranging from county commissioners, deputies, to concerned parents in Macon and Twiggs County, with a number of churches now asking for more information. As of this month FBI investigations are still ongoing, Andres Rivera-Fuentes of SCEI-1BLOOD has been denied bond pending trial, and investigations of allegations against Smoke Jackson are now in full swing.

We want to thank all of you so much for your support and words of encouragement. Though it has taken many months, the community is finally starting to band together and SCEI-1BLOOD is no longer recognized as a church by locals, but as a cult.

We wish to remind supporters that we are a not-for-profit activism and news group. Please do not send us donations. If you wish to contribute, we continue to encourage you to spend that money creating flyers, signing petitions, and spreading the word. THe most important thing is putting pressure on law enforcement to protect this community.

The last group of supporters to advance the cause  potentially could have brought hundreds of new local hits to our website this month through a community mail campaign and we wish to thank them. As a result of recent efforts by local activists a top local government official (still to remain unnamed) is now an avid supporter and is raising awareness within Twiggs, Bibb and other counties. It is only a matter of time now before public outcry brings the entire State of Georgia against SCEI-1BLOOD.

GOD Bless ALL of you!!!!!!

Clayton L Luce