While report on a number of dangerous and subversive cults, religious scandals and unethical behavior, we do not discriminate against any larger religious beliefs or doctrines, which in and of themselves do not call for or actively administer harmful or abusive methods.

Although we may report on events within institutions such as the Vatican and Catholicism, we are speaking against the abusive actions and crimes committed by clergy within those institutions and are not condemning the Vatican itself or Roman Catholics at large, nor are we campaigning against freedom to practice religion without harassment.

Exceptions to this are dangerous criminal organizations that operate under the guise of religion in order to usurp national and international laws, evade taxes and victimize believers, such as cults like SCEI-1BLOOD International or House of Judah.

While we do accept that dangerous cults can exist within a larger overarching religious institutions, such as Worldwide Church of God within the larger religion of Christianity,  we wholeheartedly support the rights of every human being to worship God or gods as they so choose. We also believe that to the extent that crimes and injustices are not committed by these groups, that they deserve the right to be left alone to operate as administrations and members see fit.

SCEI-1BLOOD Cult Watch is dedicated only to reporting on and exposing criminal institutions using fear and religious zealotry to subvert members and humanity into spiritual, physical, mental and/or emotional bondage.

C. Luce