SCEI-1BLOOD CultWatch joins in the Secular Safehouse Project - Clayton L. Luce onboard

We are proud to announce that we publicly endorse Survivors Safehouse and call out to SCEI-1BLOOD CultWatch followers to support this cause to establish an underground railroad for survivors of various social and religious cults and bigots.

NoMore1BLOOD founder Clayton L. Luce has joined the effort, teaming up with founders Troy Fitzgerald and Shane Thrapp to establish a 501(c)3 non-profit devoted to the safety and protection of victims of cults and hate-groups.

Once completed the organization will oversee a national and international network of safehouses and survivor rescue and recovery services stocked and operated by volunteers and activists around the world. With over 100 members already involved the project is growing rapidly and we are excited at the potential.

We urge volunteers to reach out a