International con-artist Apostle Dr Jackson to exploit rice production in Gambia?

An article released on Thursday at entitled "Apostle Dr Jackson eyes rice production in Gambia" has brought into question the journalistic integrity of both the Observer and of the supposed author Sheriff Barry.
The article- published Thursday January, 14 is a replica of another article reposted on January 11, 2014 entitled Ambassador Dr. Jackson’s 1BLOOD International actively planning rice production in the Gambia. That reposting of the article referenced and linked back to the original posting by the SCEI-1BLOOD propagandist and religious follower Iyel Bey which occurred sometime prior to January 11.
The Observer and official media version of the story ironically dropped the title “Ambassador” from his name, as no government appointment of Ambassador has ever been granted him.

It would be considered highly unusual for any legitimate and accredited news publication to not only leak a news story to an independent web operator under an entirely different name, but do do so almost a week in advance of publishing the article itself.
Although one might suggest several potential reasons for doing this, it can be safely assumed that none of them bode well for either journalistic integrity, news-worthiness and transparency.
The author of this article, Clayton Luce, has attempted to contact the church on earth on numerous previous occasions but has never received any responses. Instead an inquiry has been dispatched to both and the Gambia Statehouse seeking to verify both the integrity and originality of these stories, as well as the official capacity of Dr. Jackson or his involvement in any rice programs.
This journalist has confirmed with living sources who were and are still under Kenneth Jackson employment in both Liberia and the Gambia that Jackson has in fact failed for years to meet financial obligations to his labor force, as well as major concern of his false promises and financial scams against the Liberian people.
Our sources have now confirmed that Jacksons Liberian compound has been demolished by the Liberian government after being seized by the military under certain “zoning violations.”
Kenneth D. Jackson- who has never provided any verification or proof of his doctorate title- previously launched similar small scale media and propaganda campaigns in both Sierra Leone and Liberia by promising food independence through a system of agriculture that Jackson claimed were divinely inspired directly to him by God, and placed under his personal charge as not only a Modern Day Joseph, but also the current ambassador and chief apostle of God and successor to Worldwide Church of God founder,Herbert W. Armstrong.
These elaborate schemes resulted in the disenfranchisement of potentially tens of thousands of unknown 1BLOOD members and civilian labor forces who seized upon Jackson’s haughty promises of self-sustainable agriculture and true financial freedom and willingly volunteered themselves for producing massive agricultural programs which were ultimately under-funded, plagued with corruption and deceit and which ultimately proved to be both unsustainable and unethical.
To this date, thousands of primitive and obscure tribes of 1BLOOD members continue to wait for the return of SCEI-1BLOOD and its promise of infinite food and ultimate peace on earth. Most are completely unaware of the true story and legal implications that will never permit his return.
The losses to Kenneth Jackson in Liberia were stated to be in excess of $80 million and hundreds of small rice farms. His vehicle was also stolen by his chief of security, according to sources currently on the inside, and he also lost additional gold in a robbery.
However, Jackson’s thinly veiled propaganda piece in the simply explains away these and many other questions by stating the SCEI-1BLOOD party line in the following paragraph:
“To start with, among his W. Africa region interventions are his operations in Sierra Leone from 1999 to 2010, where he ultimately developed 575 farms, totaling over 250,000 acres and a 6.5 Million Bushel 2010 harvest in Sierra Leone – all without the use of synthetic fertilizer’s, from what started with 3-1/2 ounces of wild-harvested seed rice in 1999. This was accomplished without support from any other entity. He gave out 575 farms together with $84 Million USD of rice back to the respective communities 15 years ahead of the contracted time, in preparation to relocating to another ECOWAS country to continue their training and intervention success.”
This paragraph draws not only a great deal of suspicion in terms of journalistic objectivity, but also a key inconsistency compared to other released and recorded statements by SCEI-1BLOOD and Kenneth D. Jackson himself on multiple occasions include a live interview on The Melting Pot.
This refers to the sudden and mysterious shift of the stage of these events from Liberia to Sierra Leone.
Kenneth D. Jackson has on previous occasion and on the official record clearly stated that the 575 farms and $84 million “donation” referred primarily to the 1BLOOD operation in Liberia.
This obvious misdirection draws more credibility to the allegations that Kenneth D. Jackson may in fact be a fugitive from Liberia or in forced exile, as it provides clear motive for Jackson to want to draw attention away from the events in Liberia and redirect them to the somewhat less disastrous failure in Sierra Leone.
We would like to know more about Sheriff Baley and why the a state sponsored news source- would willfully publish unverified facts in an article that covers a topic of such importance and are still actively investigating the story behind this story.
Kenneth Jackson has previously misled the public by writing self –glorifying news articles under pseudonyms and publishing them in papers in both Sierra Leone and Gambia.
Could this simply be another poorly contrived fraud?