International Con-man Ambassador Kenneth Jackson’s unholy alliance with disgraced Gambia embezzler Ansumana Jammeh

Disgraced U.S. con-man and cult leader Kenneth D. Jackson was recently featured in a video that announced the formation of his own Gambian football team the “Ambassador Dr. Jackson Football Club” with Ambassador Ansumana Jammeh of Qatarr.

The video appears to show the two men in alliance with each other as bother appear to be comfortable and at ease in the safety of Kenneth D. Jackson’s compound in Gambia.

Ansumana Jammeh has come under heavy internal political fiar in recent months as a result of his abuses of power and presumed betrayal of President Yahya Jammeh by installing callboxes within his affiliate company of Gambian propaganda machine Gamtel.

In a recent letter to Jammeh a warning was sent making it clear that Jammehs angry at the embezzlement and betrayal of Ansumana was nearing a peak and that he should escape the country while he still could.

Yahya Jammeh is known internationally for his extreme paranoia and eagerness to murder and imprison those close to him in both the government and private sectors.

Hailed as a dictator by most of the world and the west Yahya Jammeh is rarely referred to under his official title of President or His Excellency when referred to in the international press.

The question on many Gambian and intelligence officials’ minds alike is “what is the relationship between Kenneth Jackson and this notorious crime family?

Raising further alarms arrest reports have been found in Atlanta, Georgia pertaining to Ansumana Jammehs incarceration less than 100 miles from Kenneth D. Jackson’s SCEI-1BLOOD Headquarters in the United States.

Two records were found for Mr. Jammeh one from 2011 and the latest only 6 short months ago. Both arrests occurred after Kenneth D. Jackson claimed to be starting an operation in the Gambia with Jammeh.

The 2013 arrest included the following charges: Driving without a license, expired tag, unlawful possession display or use of fraudulent Identification documents and giving a false name, address or birthdate to Law Enforcement.

The arrest occurred on Cobb Parkway in Marietta, Georgia.

Ansumana Jammeh represents only one more among a growing list of criminal and terrorist organizations which Kenneth D. Jackson and his religious cult SCEI-1BLOOD International continue to affiliate with openly.

The video was published by SCEI-1BLOOD cult member Iyel Bey, although no author has claimed credit for the propaganda video.