"...most of that stuff was all elaborate lies. They don't have millions of followers, but thousands, and over half have been abandoned by the church. He never ran any legitimate orphanages or other outreaches. They were all lies. Kenneth Jackson to this day speaks poorly of Ken, but I am not aware why."
From: Armstrongism Library
Author: Gary Leonard

There has been several conversations going on about this guy in Facebook. It seems that Apostle and Chief Overseer Jackson Sr. is a former Worldwide Church of God member. In the grand tradition of Armstrongism, yet another idiot claims he has special insight from his "god."

A young guy on Facebook grew up in this cult. He says the guy claims to have been on the security for HWA. I honestly never saw this guy around HWA's home. He does look familiar though.

I grew up in a splinter group of WCG called Sovereign Church of 'ELOHIYM, International (SCEI-1BLOOD) and we observed most of the same same things. The cult leader is named Kenneth D. Jackson, Sr. and I am trying to find out if anyone knows him. He claimed to be on HWA's security and now claims to be the apostle and prophet just like HWA. Anyone recognize him from those days?

Another person replied that his mother was part of the cult and even though he sees the damage it is causing, will not speak badly of them. That's why people die because of these cults!

They have done a lot of good but my mom has nothing to show for at the age of 66. My father passed in 04 and the kids had to pay for the funeral. Dr. Jackson did help. His ministry in Africa is huge and his Orphanage is helping a lot of children. Smoke Jackson his son is in charge of the church here in Macon. They are family friends and I treat them with the upmost respect. With all the tithing and offerings the kids have no inheritance. My mom's adopted church family holds priority over blood family.

The young man who is a former member then replies:  --REST OF STORY