Inside Scientology Sea Org meeting

This is cleaned up audio version of video shot inside of a Scientology Sea Org meeting. In this video you can hear the speaker talking about how to get more money out of people. She basically is saying when people tell you they don't have more money, they do and how you can get it out of them. The cult has lied about this tactic for years and here you can not only see it is true but the Sea Org members are excited about it. This is the elite of Scientology who is headed by David Miscavige

What makes H.E. Kenneth D. Jackson and 1BLOOD a National Socialist organization?

Did “Ambassador Apostle” Kenneth D. Jackson really leave Liberia by choice?

Recent sources directly involved with so called “Apostle” and “Ambassador” Kenneth D. Jackson- a Macon, Georgia homeopathic doctor and church leader who now claims to be a West African King and Ambassador-at-Large of Gambia- have come forward with another side of the Liberia 1BLOOD story.

Previously Jackson established a series of rice farms and agricultural co-ops which he claimed could make West Africa a self-sustainable nation through a form of micro-socialism dictated by Jackson who also claimed to be the single Apostle of God and successor to Worldwide Church of God founder, Herbert W. Armstrong.

International con-artist Apostle Dr Jackson to exploit rice production in Gambia?

An article released on Thursday at entitled "Apostle Dr Jackson eyes rice production in Gambia" has brought into question the journalistic integrity of both the Observer and of the supposed author Sheriff Barry.
The article- published Thursday January, 14 is a replica of another article reposted on January 11, 2014 entitled Ambassador Dr. Jackson’s 1BLOOD International actively planning rice production in the Gambia. That reposting of the article referenced and linked back to the original posting by the SCEI-1BLOOD propagandist and religious follower Iyel Bey which occurred sometime prior to January 11.
The Observer and official media version of the story ironically dropped the title “Ambassador” from his name, as no government appointment of Ambassador has ever been granted him.


WARNING: The Following story is a propaganda piece and should not be considered real journalism or newsworthy.

After viewing a documentary entitled “All Is Rice”, which chronicles the 10+-year record of some of the diplomatic and development interventions of 1BLOOD International in W. Africa, namely Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone and Liberia; I determined to meet the International Chief Executive, Apostle Dr. Kenneth D. Jackson Sr., only to learn that he is one and the same Ambassador-At-Large appointed by His Excellency the President to represent and facilitate his Vision 20/20 development of The Gambia. -Read More Here

SCEI-1BLOOD CultWatch joins in the Secular Safehouse Project - Clayton L. Luce onboard

We are proud to announce that we publicly endorse Survivors Safehouse and call out to SCEI-1BLOOD CultWatch followers to support this cause to establish an underground railroad for survivors of various social and religious cults and bigots.

NoMore1BLOOD founder Clayton L. Luce has joined the effort, teaming up with founders Troy Fitzgerald and Shane Thrapp to establish a 501(c)3 non-profit devoted to the safety and protection of victims of cults and hate-groups.

Once completed the organization will oversee a national and international network of safehouses and survivor rescue and recovery services stocked and operated by volunteers and activists around the world. With over 100 members already involved the project is growing rapidly and we are excited at the potential.

We urge volunteers to reach out a


People targeted by a sociopath often respond with self-deprecating comments like “I was stupid”, “what was I thinking” of “I should’ve listened to my gut instinct”. But being involved with a sociopath is like being brainwashed. The sociopath’s superficial charm is usually the means by which s/he conditions people.
On initial contact, a sociopath will often test other people’s empathy, so questions geared towards discovering if you are highly empathic or not should ring alarm bells. People with a highly empathic disposition are often targeted. Those with lower levels of empathy are often passed over, though they can be drawn in and used by sociopaths as part of their cruel entertainment. -Read more here

Attack of the Blue Heads: Cult member Iyel Bey lashes out against survivors

SCEI-1BLOOD Cult Member and fanatic public supporter Iyel Bey has been populating the internet with comments, phony reviews, etc. accusing Clayton L. Luce of NoMore1BLOOD CultWatch of crimes, infidelity, hate-speech, cyber-stalking and any other defamation at his limited disposal.

These comments and defamations have served to provide a compelling and raw example of the true hate and fear that exist beneath the surface of not just SCEI-1BLOOD, but all cults. Christ gave the examples of loving our enemies, fighting injustice through compassion and honest witness of accounts, and most of all learning to accept ALL people of different doctrines or beliefs as God's children and our communal responsibility.

Cults on the other hand, although memorizing the bible and claiming all sorts of divine inspiration and social responsibility, resort to hating and attacking their enemies, fighting justice by bearing false witness of accounts, covering up facts and evidence and rejecting and condemning all beliefs not central to their own agendas.

ABSOLUTELY MUST SEE: Surviving a Religious Cult

Thought control and brutally strict discipline were among the things Rosemary Ilich and her family survived inside a religious cult.

TESTIMONY: Former SCEI-1BLOOD member Jaslyn Verdejo shares details of her separation from the cult

Jaslyn Verdejo in the cult with her former husband and children.

In response to a smear campaign by Iyel Bey-which makes numerous false allegations and perpetrates outright defamation- former cult-member Jaslyn Verdejo has published her rebuttal to lies against her and her family by providing a full disclosure of her experiences leading up to her separation from the cult.

Mrs. Verdejo is also engaged to NoMore1BLOOD CultWatch founder and fellow survivor / whistle-blower Clayton L. Luce and has been an active part of the Exit Support Network for survivors.

Her testimony- in the form of an informal response on a YouTube comment board, is as follows:

OPINION: Did Twiggs County Sheriff Darren Mitchum turn a blind eye to the cult SCEI-1BLOOD? We don't think so.

Since the foundation of NoMore1BLOOD Cultwatch we have repeatedly heard allegations and suspicions of local county corruption and potential bribery of the Twiggs County Sheriff Department.

Because the question has been repeatedly asked we have decided to post our findings to date.

Despite a one time photo shoot orchestrated by SCEI-1BLOOD International we have neither seen or heard any conclusive evidence that would confirm or deny these allegations.

In defense of the Twiggs County government, no special concessions have been made for SCEI-1BLOOD member Andres Rivera-Fuentes who is currently incarcerated at Twiggs County LEC as might be expected in a corrupt department.

Additionally the department has- at least in public- maintained an unbiased and objective stance on both SCEI-1BLOOD and NoMore1BLOOD members and has demonstrated responsibility in enforcing the law within its given authority based on evidence and due process.

Have you ever wondered if we make a difference?

For all those who support us, love us and celebrate with us you have made a difference! To put things into perspective look at these pictures of the cult before and after. There are a lot of empty seats.


Former political prisoner in Gambia speaks out against Jammeh Dictatorship

Con man Ambassador Kenneth Jackson's alliance with disgraced Gambia embezzler Ansumana Jammeh

Disgraced U.S. con-man and cult leader Kenneth D. Jackson was recently featured in a video that announced the formation of his own Gambian football team the “Ambassador Dr. Jackson Football Club” with Ambassador Ansumana Jammeh of Qatarr.

International Con-man Ambassador Kenneth Jackson’s unholy alliance with disgraced Gambia embezzler Ansumana Jammeh

Disgraced U.S. con-man and cult leader Kenneth D. Jackson was recently featured in a video that announced the formation of his own Gambian football team the “Ambassador Dr. Jackson Football Club” with Ambassador Ansumana Jammeh of Qatarr.

The video appears to show the two men in alliance with each other as bother appear to be comfortable and at ease in the safety of Kenneth D. Jackson’s compound in Gambia.

Is the Gambia Football Association the next target of con-man Ambassador Jackson?

Disgraced U.S. con-man and cult leader Kenneth D. Jackson was recently featured in a video that announced the formation of his own Gambian football team the "Ambassador Dr. Jackson Football Club" with Ambassador Ansumana Jammeh of Qatarr.

Con-man Ambassador Kenneth D. Jackson targets Gambia football leagues

Cult member Iyel Bey has published an odd new video, apparently the property of the Gambian Radio & Television Service (GRTS), the state run propaganda program of the dictator and war criminal the dishonorable Yahya Jammeh.

The video announces the formation of a rag-tag unofficially endorsed football (soccer) league in the Gambia.

To add to evidence that Kenneth D. Jackson is a self-centered egomaniac, he distastefully named his own team the “Ambassador Dr. Jackson FC.”

In the video Mr. Jackson shamelessly exploits the youth of the Gambia to forward his own political agenda stating that he wants to focus on promoting and positively impacting the young people of Gambia. Someone should write a book entitled “Dictatorship 101” and make this the opening chapter.